SVT is different from a rapid heartbeat.  Anxiety or a panic attack might make you feel like your heart is racing…but the truth is that the racing is still within the control of your breath. SVT is when your heartbeat goes into a pattern and can no longer be controlled by your breath. I have AV node re-entry SVT. There are different types of SVT and you should check with your DR. to see the one you have, (except don’t be surprised when they tell you they don’t know!!…they can only know for sure when they catch one on an EKG).

Some SVT’s are more “dangerous” than others. Supposedly this one is not so serious (although tell that to my brain during an episode). The best thing is to try to get an EKG while your heart is in one. That’s what I did and the ONLY way they diagnosed mine after 15 years of episodes…they caught it ONCE.

AV node SVT means that for any given reason that no cardiologist or electrophysiologist can exactly explain (thanks guys!), sometimes, a heartbeat gets stuck in a pattern of extremely rapid beating. My SVT’s are fast, like 260. They can come on at ANY time, although I whole heartedly (no pun intended) believe that there are REASONS it happens and it’s up to us to figure it out. (can anyone say FOOD ALLERGIES???)

If you are lucky, you can try to stop an SVT on your own. This will make episodes less scary, as you will not rely on an ER visit to inject you back to normal.

If you get an SVT, it seems like the earlier on you try to break it, the better the results. So….the episode usually start with a thump, or a weird sensation like you suddenly missed a beat and your heart stops for a few seconds…then when it starts back up it’s like a race car….At that moment, you should try to bear down and blow as hard as possible into your cupped hands.

The following methods have stopped an SVT in the past…

  • Massaging the side of my neck
  • doing a yoga shoulder stand
  • bearing down

I’ve had 2 episodes that I couldn’t stop on my own, and I got one shot of adenosine to stop it both times. So..if the thought of an SVT episode makes you have a panic attack…then join the club. Thats why we need to try to practice preventative medicine and do everything within our control to avoid episodes.

Some people (like me) have other symptoms that we “feel” prior to an SVT. Mine symptoms are…

  • feeling hot
  • like I need something cold to drink
  • feeling “OFF”
  • feeling like Im foggy or ate something I was allergic to
  • being tired
  • being constipated
  • being mad

What are your symptoms prior to or during an episode???

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    • I only get Hot before…I usually shake and get chills during, and after….Try to notice next time if you feel any hot sensations up to one hour before…If so, its a good indicator for you to drink a lot of water, and even take a rest break, both of which may divert an upcoming episode…also look for how you slept the night before, what you ate etc…try to draw any connections you can to your diet, routines etc, and how your feeling to an episode…

      • I had the feeling I get before an SVT quite a few times today as I was walking to my house. It’s so difficult to describe. Like a slight pressure on the chest and the feeling of the heart “whirring” or even a feeling like it’s stopping. I was very very tired before it. And I’m feeling extremely tired now that I’ve had it. I had a little bit of chocolate this morning, don’t know if that triggered it? No matter how many times it happens, and how much my cardiologist reassures me that nothing dangerous will come of it, I still get this feeling of impending doom when I get it. It didn’t materialize into an SVT episode today. I take 60 mg of Verapamil daily. \\\\\\\

      • Thank you for sharing your comments! Try to avoid chocolate and all sugar, especially in the morning..Sugar is def a trigger…Start your day with either millet toast with almond butter or millet bread with tahini and some honey. Also try a smoothie which is also sweet but not chocolate. You might be craving sugar because you need greens and protein. Drink the Green vibrance and over time you will feel a drastic decline in your sweet tooth! Thanks for sharing!!!

      • What I notice most about your comment is that you were tired before the SVT….So the question is…Did you honor your need to rest and lay down etc…or did you push yourself and ignore your body’s signs and make yourself use your “reserve”….and hence your body couldnt handle it and went into SVT…??? The gentle point being…why are you not resting when your body tells you to? What could be more important than resting to avoid an SVT? Rest my friends! Whenever you feel the urge…Dont push yourself into overdrive….our sensitive hearts are protesting our constant GO GO GO attitude!!!

      • I get the same symptoms as you …hot, dry mouth, thump like a missed beat, and chills after. I am tring to track it and so far being tired or exercise seems to be a trigger. Great to find somebody else who has this. It is very scary!

  1. My first SVT was while I was camping out in the middle of nowhere. Talk about scary stuff. That was about 5 weeks ago. Yesterday was my second ‘episode’. Both times I can feel my heart go from normal to warp speed in a nanosecond. My vision is tunneled and it’s the feeling that I know I’m going to pass out. Thankfully, I haven’t passed out yet.

  2. I get light headed and dizzy just seconds before my heart starts going nuts. I’ve had episodes that last a few seconds to ones that last up to 25 minutes. Stress is a major trigger for me. After an episode (regardless of how long it lasts) I feel totally exhausted and usually have a slight headache. I have had an ablation but it did not work. I cannot take the medicine prescribed for SVT because my blood pressure tends on the low side anyway, the medicine caused it to drop too low.

  3. I’ve had SVT since 2nd or 3rd grade, from then till 21 I was told it was puberty, stress, etc… when I was 21 & at the ER one night, they caught it on my EKG. At age 24, 6 weeks after the birth of my 1st child, I had the cardiac ablassion. I loved it! Now, 16 years later, it’s back, but TOTALLY different! It’s so strange how different they are. I still get the racing heart beats, but now they pound. My stomach is effected, I get dizzy, blurry vision & a horrid heat flush! My whole head & chest, sometimes all the way down my arms & to my stomach will be bright red. Before it happens, my nose stuffs up and my upper lip tingle and it seems to always go hand in hand with my stomach. I always get stomach cramps with it, the same type you get before your period starts. They seem to tear my stomach up and once I have a bowel movement, it goes away (I do onow how to do the valsava techinque to stop svts, so I’m sure that’s related) and then I’m freezing cold, feel pike my eyes are on fire & have heart burn. These are a million times worse than when I was younger. I hate that they’ve came back, every EKG @ blood test say my heart is fine, but this crap sure doesn’t feel fine! I HATE it!!! 😢

    • Thanks for sharing your story! As usual, my completely non-medical opinion is…that abalation doenst not CURE the REASON why your body goes into an SVT. So, by having ablation, your body will just find another way to have the same original reaction…either through another pathway, in your case, its now stomach related…but your body is not HEALED….

      Abalation, like every other thing that only address the SYMPTOMS of dis-ease, doesn’t even begin to address WHY ON EARTH this is happening to random people to begin with…WHY ISNT ANY DR. looking for answers?….You are the hundredth story of abalation not working, so where they come up with their effective rates is beyond me. My vote is for you to really look at your diet…bottom line as you say so yourself, its all related…stomach, SVT, and bowel movements. Our bodies are giving us the clues…lets try to fit them together…What did you eat 24-48 hrs prior to your last SVT? and of course…Do you eat gluten? MORE than ever I KNOW that GLuten causes SVT and I will post again soon as to my latest findings…

      Prevention is the key with SVT just like every other major thing like diabetes and cancer…So while we all patiently wait for some miracle cure…we have to take matters into our own hands with as much prevention as possible….Read my past posts for all my self-care prevention tools…(being Gluten -free, drinking tons of water, green vibrance, green juice, journaling, healing anger, figuring out your food allergies etc) I hope these scary SVT’s you are having inspire you to live as healthy as you can, the best way you know how at this time! All the best, xoxo Laura

      • Hi, I would like to add that I had SVT for 9 years, it would usually happen 2 -3 times a month for 8years. I went to ER several times and was taught to “bear down”, and sometimes it worked sometimes not and would last 45 minutes sometimes. Last year started having a lot more frequent, sometimes 10 – 20 times a day. I bought an oxygen concentrator and began using it when I felt it come on, and was amazed how quickly my heart would go back to rhythm. When I told my DR of my discovery with oxygen, he downplayed it, but it does really work. The sooner I use the oxygen the quicker I get over it. They checked my oxy. levels and said I shouldn’t need supplement oxygen, but did not offer any explanation of why it helped.

  4. Hello everyone, I am very glad to have found all of you. Thank you Laura for this amazing site. Here is my story that I would like to share with you. I had a cardiac ablation in April 2009 for SVT AVRT. Prior to the ablation my heart rates would get up to over 225 bpm. After the ablation, I had some weird stuff happening, I would still get some rapid heartbeat episodes but I was told that the heart was healing. I had an extremely long episode in April 2011 (2 weeks) when I last saw my EP. Of course I wore the holter monitor for 2 weeks and nothing showed. I also had an Echo and nothing showed. Things started to settle down after that episode in 2011 and I haven’t had any kind of problem since even though I was eating gluten, etc. Now 2 1/2 years later it has started all over again. Since Oct 21 my heart has been stuck in some higher heart rate hovering around 100 bpm and I am short of breath. It is freaking me out. I am scared all over which of course makes it worse. I have had an extremely difficult year health-wise, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in April and had a radical hysterectomy in May. Oh, by the way I forgot to mention that I also came down with Shingles one week before my surgery which I am still suffering with. I did not have a breakout just the pain. Not fun! Who knows maybe this episode is stress related. Based on the symptoms I don’t think so. Anyway, typically I do eat quite healthy, I juice daily, eat a lot of greens, probiotics, etc. I was off wheat/gluten for some time and definitely felt better. I am again of wheat. I am so exhausted from this condition. Saw my DR last night, going for blood work this morning to see if it is low iron related and have an appointment on November 11 to see my EP. I will keep you posted!! Take care everyone Deborah xx

    • Hi Deborah, Thanks for sharing your story…Have you tested your stool at enterolab? Sounds like you need specific food allergy testing since you are eating “healthy” you would need a deeper understanding of whats going on in your gut…..Meanwhile, sounds like the shingles outbreak was stress related…most things are….The good news, is that after your health break”down” will hopefully come a breakthrough….Look at other areas of your life besides food and see what needs serious change…Are you carrying around old anger? Are you living your life purpose? Do you know what your life purpose is? Are you practicing daily self-care like rest, journaling, meditating, stretching, breathing, releasing….? So you have daily bowel movements? These are all just some other places to analyze….Best of luck to you, feel free to post anytime and I will always reply!!! Love and healing, Laura

      • Hi Laura thank you for replying. No I have not had a stool tested yet. Sounds interesting. Definitely not carrying around old anger. I am a certified life coach and sometimes it is difficult coaching yourself. I recently did a blog post on stress reduction, rest, meditating, etc. But I certainly need to incorporate more into my life like most people. Never had a problem with bowel movements at least 2 per day due to all the juices, vegetables, fruit, flax etc. I am certainly looking for a breakthrough for sure. Anyway, very lovely to talk to you and again thank you for this wonderful site. Deborah xx

  5. What Are Some Symptoms After An Svt? I Am So Weak That I Can’t Drive FOr 3 Days Or Really Walk At All. I Gradually Improve In Those 3 Days, But It’s Like My Gas Tank Goes From Full To Empty Just By Standing Up. Is This Common?

    • I get extremely weak as well. My arms and legs basically give out during and after an SVT. I would say its probably common because you are getting very little oxygen to the rest of your body while the heart is working so hard and beating so fast.

  6. Hey everyone,
    So glad to find this website..I have been dealing with “episodes” as you all have been describing for a while now..wake up at night,with a jolt,usually from a very vivid dream..sometimes I feel like I am cold and “trembly” with heart racing…had a sleep study because it is effecting my sleep but,of course, it didn’t happen that night! Will try to track food..having one now while I write this…did you all suffer from panic attacks when you were younger?

  7. Hi,
    I would like to know if alternative cure for SVT can be applicable to my daughter who is only 7 years old. She was diagnosed with SVT 2 years ago. Although while she was still in my womb, she already had tachycardia. Then when she was born, she was diagnosed to have arrythmia then 2 years ago, as per holter monitoring it was confirmed she has SVT. Her heart rate jumps up to 240-250 and her slowest heart rate goes really slow like 40-60 (I was thinking maybe this was to compensate the rapid heartbeat, like the heart is resting). When I observe her, she doesn’t get tired easily,she’s like a normal child who just likes to play a lot and she runs really fast. So symptom-wise, SVT is not evident,
    She just had her 2D echo done last Saturday and her pedia cardio concluded that her heart is slightly big for her weight (22kilos). So the doctor would like to prescribe beta blocker. Although during the procedure for 2D echo, her heart was beating quite normally, 70-80 beats per minute. She just wants to make sure she has no asthma as this may be triggered by beta-blocker.
    I am quite hesitant to have her take medicine as she is so young. So I searched and found this website. I am not sure though if this would apply to her as her SVT seems to have been with her since she was born.
    Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Ronah, Thanks so much for your email. I wish your daughter all the best! I honestly dont have any specific advice for you as I am not a doctor and I really dont know what would cause your daughter to suffer from SVT’s in the womb (or how that was even diagnosed, first I’ve heard of it actually!!!)….I dont know anything about enlarged hearts or how perscription drugs might be an answer for that condition or why her heart is not only going in to SVT but also beating too low at other times. I do know that POTS can be helped by the same things that I believe help SVT which is eliminating our food allergens. What I would say, and what I believe would be helpful no matter what anyone’s health condition, is to look at some of the basics that I list on my site. My personal, non medically trained opinion, is that every health condition has links to food allergies and poor nutrition and diet, inflamation in the digestive tract, and lack of absorbing nutrients and minerals. So much of our food is genetically modified, especially wheat and corn which is in everything we eat. I think that no matter what someone health issue is, they should start by looking at how their digestive tract is reacting to their foods…and this begins with a stool sample. Enterolab is where I point everyone who wants to see what their stool has to say. I am pregnant right now, and we know that all our food intake is passed on to our children…So on a total whim, I wonder if you are/were eating gluten and if the allergy could start with you….If you also carry a gene in addition to reacting in the gut, you would have passed that gene on to her as well.

      No matter what decision you make regarding treatment for your daughter, I can promise you that by figuring out her gut, and feeding her super high quality organic foods and eliminating gluten, sugar and whatever else she may be allergic to will help her live a more vibrant life…I would start by looking at her diet….and for a 7 year old (as I have a 6 year old) it usually means looking at and studying your own diet and lifestyle habits first! I would honestly look at her stool, their color, consistency, shape and start my detective work there! Best of luck, please let me know if I can help you as you continue on your path to trying to find the best course of treatment for your daughter! If you need help understanding her stool, please write me again with descriptions of the frequency, if its loose, etc…Healing wishes, Laura

  8. I’m so happy to have found you! I was just recently diagnosed with SVT. My exact type has yet to be diagnosed (waiting to see a specialist). The past 5 months have been hell and I’ve been basically afraid to live my life for fear of having an episode while driving or in a public place alone. I’m excited to see what natural ideas you have to help as I’m not keen on starting heart medication at 29 years old for the rest of my life. OR having to go for an ablation(sp?) (with a 2 yr old and a husband at home.).

    • Hello! Well Im happy you found us too! There are sooo many things you can do to support your SVT…Feel free to comment with any special questions regarding your personal situation, but browse through all the posts and start reviewing the type of food, water intake, rest, bowel movements, etc…My SVT acts up only if I eat Gluten, don’t have a bowel movement regularly, am super depleted etc…Try to start nourishing yourself in every way you can and see if that helps…I would start with eliminating gluten…and increasing your greens, and water…Let me know!

  9. Hello! Glad to know that there are others out there like myself suffering with SVT. Had my first attack Nov. 2012. Went to ER, thought I was having a heart attack or aneurism of some kind. Doctors chalked it off as panic attack. Had a second attack 3 mos. later. This time doctors were not able to slow down my heart, kept me overnite for observation. Was sent home with diagnosis of SVT. Couldn’t function for the whole week after that, had more bad attacks and irregular heart beats, flutters and skips all day long. Couldn’t take care of my kids, feared having more attacks while driving with them in the car. Doctors put me on Diltiazem (channel blocker) one a day. Had many different horrible side effects, that now a year later have subsided. However, still have some small quick attacks once in a while. In the beginning I too felt like it was a cyclic event, happening around my period. Took tests for early menopause and thyroid conditions. Wanted something to explain why this had come out of no where and why it would not leave. They say I can have an ablation, but like many of you, I am very scared to end up worse off then I am. Also, scared to be on meds for ever. I am 44 years old and I live a gluten free lifestyle. Have been gluten-free for 5 years, due to an intolerance. So started this diet before the SVT. More recently, stopped drinking caffiene, drink less alcohol and eat way less sugar and chocolate. My life is pretty boring now. LOL. I’m trying to exercise more and eat better, although it doesn’t always seem to help. SVT is pretty random rearing it’s ugly head when we least expect it.
    Unlike most of you, I had open heart surgery 11 years ago to close an atrial septal defect (a whole in my heart present since birth) that was only found out after giving birth to my first child. It was the size of a quarter. After the surgery I was feeling the best I ever felt, even better than when I was a kid (makes sense since I had the condition back then too). So, sometimes I wonder if my SVT could be due to some scar tissue from my surgery. Anyone else had other heart issues before there SVT??

  10. I haven’t yet to have been diagnosed with svt but my doctor is sure of it. I have been having these attacks for around 4 months now. at first my heart started pounding, like it would come out of my chest and I had a strange sensation in my chest. then I gradually started getting pains along with a fast heart rate. I had an ecg which monitored my fast heart rate of going over 200 throughout the day, even in my sleep. however doctors sent me home because although my heart rate was fast, it wasn’t irregular or something. I also had an ultra sound and everything was ok with my heart and again I was told to ignore it as best I can as it would be no harm. as I am doing pe for my gcse, sport is very important for me, and exercise seems to trigger these attacks aswell. over time these attacks would still happen, however I feel are getting worse. I feel very tired, and feel thumping in my chest. at first I feel as though my heart is doing a flip and then the racing starts. I get very shaky and tend to get shooting pains, or pressure on my chest. sometimes I go really hot or I get cold and start shivering. I also go dizzy. I am usually very calm, in my opinion I could react a lot worse to this, however as they are getting worse and more frequent I feel a surge of anxiety come over me and start to panic. when I mention this to my doctors, they suddenly blame this on anxiety or a panic attack, however I feel this way only due to my heart doing this. I am currently waiting to see a consultant which will hopefully determine why this is happening. i have found it frustrating being sent home from hospitals when i know something is wrong. i also sometimes get shooting pains or strange sensations without the racing, does this happen to anyone else? thankyou, comments are much appreciated x

  11. I had a holter monitor for 24 hrs and had 102 PACs (premature atrial contractions) and nearly the same amount of SVT- the only last for 5 beats, I had one 15 beat run, so they are very short lived. But the happen every day throughout the day- and 85-90% of the time they occur when I swallow food. Anyone else had this similar problem?

    • If they happen every time you swallow food, have you looked at all your food, chewing and eating routines for answers…You may need to take your eating to a whole other level of peace and calm eating. Try turning off all electronics and set a table with flowers and candles. Make a nice soup filled with beans and veggies and make it super soft and soothing…Take 3 -6 really nice long deep breathes before eating and ask yourself what if anything is bothering you or stressing you out….Write down some things that come up for you in a journal…then reply in your journal that you promise to help handle the things that come up and that to find the energy to resolve inner turmoil you need to nourish yourself…and that you are going to enjoy a bowl of soup and then tackle one stressful things afterwards…Try that routine for a while and see if it helps…Other tips are:
      1. Don’t eat fast or in the car
      2. Chew each bite 30 times min.
      3. Always do breathwork before eating
      4. do your stool sample at enterolab to see what you are allergic to so you can stop eating it. the fact that your SVTS happen every time you eat are a clue that what you are eating doenst agree with you.

      Best of luck, please email any time if you want further support or need help going deeper…love and healing laura

  12. I just recently had my first major episode. For years I just have had small episodes that last only a minute or two with my chest feeling very uncomfortable, palpitations and dizziness. The more recent episode I was just warming up doing some light jumping and I started to feel really tired all over and my throat and chest got tight. I kept going not thinking it was anything serious when I could feel my heart start to beat faster than it should. Luckily I was in physical therapy so my physical therapist was able to help me sit down since I had gotten very light-headed at that point. My heart rate was 278! My oxygen level and blood pressure was fine though. My chest felt uncomfortable and tight and the most pain was in my back. I had to go to the ER because after 5 minutes of my heart barely going down to 234 and no one knowing exactly what was happening. The doctor told me after some tests that it was SVT but the cause so far is unknown. I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours and don’t know yet if anything showed up. I did have a small episode while wearing the monitor. Next month I will hopefully be seeing a cardiologist. I have an older friend who told me about her experience. She took meds that didn’t help and in the end she has surgery. She still has symptoms once in a while. . In the past doctors told me it was probably just panic or anxiety attacks but as far as I know when someone is having an attack of that kind they can breath and normalize their heart beat by normal breathing. When my heart rate was at 278 I tried breathing deeply to slow down my heart rate but that didn’t help.I’m just looking for tips of what to say to doctors and dealing with SVT on a daily basis and the best way to go about treatment.

    • Sadly, there really are no tips to say to a cardiologist. They are in complete denial about contributors that are clearly within our control. If you meet a cardiologist that says anything other than go on meds, get abalation, and avoid caffeine…please POST about it. Their thinking is old fashioned and not WHOLE-istic in any way. Its truly a sin, as so many other health issues have made advancements with such proven benefits just by changing lifestyle habits…Just look at the advancements in diabetes type 2. Its proven and accepted that its reversable with diet alone! If I were you, I would look at WHAT if anything you did differently prior to your episode…Were there any obvious contributing factors? Extra tired? Ate wheat within 24-48 hours? Didn’t have a proper bowel movement? Dehydrated? Stressed? Love D3 or B or cal-mag? In the end, the best way to go about treatment is whatever you feel is BEST for YOU! There is no one treatment, BUT whatever you decide, still try to self-care the best way you can, rest, eat well, drink lots of water, add in greens, and give your heart the joy it deserves by letting go of anger, and doing what makes you happy…cut out all the rest…Remember your heart doenst have a voice to shout out what it needs…its up to us to go deep and discover how to feed it…Pay attention to it, it needs you!! Much love, and healing, Laura

  13. Hi Laura,
    Your blog has provided me with great comfort as I have had about 4-5 of these in the last 4 years and had no idea what it was until they caught it on EKG last year in an ambulance. I just had another yesterday after being on Metaprolol for the last 8-9 months. I am convinced that diet plays a huge roll and am finally committed to get off wheat and gluten and to start keeping a food journal. I need to read more comments as I browse here, but somehing that i experience is like a BODY FALLOUT !!! My arms and legs lose all strength and post an episode like today for example, i am weak as though I have been in a car accident. Has anybody else exerienced these symptoms during and after an episode ??


  14. No, but I get really shaky before,and during.. If I do breathing exercises when I feel that way it helps to shorten the duration of the attack.. I also need to make sure that I don’t get dehydrated.

  15. Hi recently I was diagnosed with SVT I’ve had 2 attacks which landed me in emergency. I know nothing of this condition and of course Heart specialist didn’t explain much. Glad I found this site. Now at least I know what it is. My question is.I’ve planned on a trip to Universal studios in Orlando Florida. Are rollercoasters and all those rides I love out of the question now that I have SVT?

  16. I feel so blessed to have found this website! It just makes it easier to know I am not the only one. I had an SVT episode at work last night (and being a nurse, surrounded by nurses) all they wanted to do was get me to the ER for adenosine. I knew that as long as I drank a ton of water, and continued to bear down, my heart rate would slow down. I have had every monitor in the book , as well as test, and I have never been able to catch the rythmn…by the time they got the monitor on me last night, I was in the 140′s. Frustrating, to say the least.

    I have seen 2cardiologists, who both say meds and ablation…Being from a holistic background, I say no to both.

    When I replay my day yesterday, yelling at the kids…worrying about hubby losing his job…and taking care of difficult patients….I haven’t been sleeping well lately either. All those symptoms lined me up good for an episode.

    I have to practice what I preach for stress reduction..because I known that’s a big piece of it. I also, will check out gluten free.

    Just want to say hanks for being my refuge in the storm!

  17. I have same symptoms, very hot and the last one happened after I had a sleepless night. I have noticed last two times mine have happened, my potassium was low.

  18. I’m very new to SVT. I gave birth jan 30th this year and I delt with thrush with my first child and didn’t want to do that with the second so I went on the Candida diet right away. (For those of you who don’t know it’s wheat, gluten, starch, dairy and sugar free diet). On Feb 17 I had my first episode lasting 30 seconds and shrugged it off as tired and dealing with two kids. I then had 1-3 each day, all lasting no longer than a minute for the following 2 1/2 weeks. Got put on a holter monitor and of course I didn’t have one while on it. Then I had a short one, none for almost two weeks and then my first longer one 14 min long which felt like forever. Ems came but by the time they came over my heart reversed itself. Two days later I had another one that would stop, ems caught that one and were just about to give me adenosine but then it reversed. I was diagnosed with SVT. Anyways today I had another episode and I tried valsalva maneuver, pushing on my eye lids, bearing down, drinking lots of cold water, massaging the side of my neck and slowing my breath, after 30 min it finally went down while I was just sitting there doing nothing. I just wanted to say thank you for letting it known that there are a lot of people out there dealing with SVT, it feels comforting to know that I’m not the only one that is dealing with this cloud.

    • Hi Candice, Just wondering a few things…when you say you went on a candida diet right away, do you mean during your whole second pregnancy you were gluten, dairy, starch, &sugar free? Also, just to clarify, are you saying that aprox 2 weeks after you delivered your second baby that your SVT started? If so, is it safe to assume you are not sleeping through the nite? Are you breastfeeding? I would love more information so I can help you put the pieces together…How many and what brand probiotics so you take? One of the most common triggers for SVT is Gluten, and Depletion. Taking care of a newborn will deplete anyone…so I will give you some ideas of things to do based on a few assumptions…that you are sleep deprived, taking care of a newborn, and breastfeeding….I would start with supplements…Take some form of cal mag citrate (powder form). add this to your water and have at least one glass per day. There is a product called CALM, it is another cal mag powder, if you cant find the citrate you can take that one. Also drastically increase your B’s and make sure to take D3. Also, increase your probiotics, and maybe even add a little iron (have you had this level checked recently?) How long have you been GF for? How much water are you drinking? Are you having bowel movements each morning? Are you drinking your greens? and DOWNLOAD the food tracker and fill it in for more clues…there are so many factors to an SVT, but lack of sleep and rest is just a gigantic trigger…Maybe you need more naps throughout the day…and I would be glad to help you with your food intake if you want to fill out the tracker….Feel to give me more details so I can help….All the best, Laura

      • Thanks for your reply Laura, I will start doing a few of these things! I was doing no refined sugar for the last three months of my pregnancy and then as soon as my boy was born I went on the diet. I didn’t want to restrict too many nutrients from him as the Candida diet is very strict, meaning you can’t even have fruit sugar. Then two almost three weeks after he was born the episodes started. I get about 5-8 hours of sleep/day (of course broken up). I am breastfeeding, I don’t take any probiotics right now but I will start, any recommendations? I take a pre-post-natal vitamin and a calcium (since I’m lactose intolerant). I will look for the cal mag citrate and start that right aways along with Vit B & D3. I just had my physical done 6 weeks postnatal and blood results came back normal. I drink about 12-16 cups of water/day and have 3-5 BM/day. I don’t drink my greens but I do eat a lot of green vegetables. I am not normally GF but I was on the candida diet with my first son for about 5 months and then with my second I started it after he was born. I do nap when I can but with a 21 month old and 2 month old it doesn’t work out all the time. I appreciate you asking my all these questions and helping me as I completely agree with you that your body responds to what you put in it. (Doctors said that my first son and I would have to be on medication for the whole time I was breastfeeding to keep our Thrush at bay, but I got rid of it within 2 weeks of changing my diet). I don’t think doctors put enough emphasis on how powerful diet can be, I think they have too many stocks in the pharmacy, lol. Thanks again for all your help!

      • My pleasure! I love to help! I will review this again when I have more time and make more suggestions…but one thing I want to add asap is for you to increase your salt a little if that feels right for you. I make my own mixture of iodized sea salt and pink himalayian salt and I use a decent amount of salt per day…I find it helps me regulate my SVT symptoms on a daily basis…and if I feel “off” a little salt usually does the trick…I will write a post on it soon..The pink himalyian salt has a ton of minerals and then you want some iodine as well…Also, try to stay off the gluten…you need time to heal your intestinal track so you can actually really absorb all the awesome nutrients you are consuming….Just replace it with GF whole grains, rolled oats, brown rice. There are some good breads you can buy now, like Three bakers 7 grain. Whole grains are way better for you in the long run anyway. Gluten is so genetically modified now, that’s why everyone has a hard time digesting it…and it does damage long term…and YOU desperately need priobiotics. They will change your life. That’s the number one thing I would add in to keep the thrush away. I swear by probiotics, they have changed my overall health…(another blog post). Start with any refrigerated one. You can start with Jarro brand, or there are a ton of good ones out there…but they must be refrigerated. Absoultely not the ones in a box. Don’t go to GNC, try whole foods or a local health food store.

  19. I do get hot spells that can be very severe. I am 29. I don’t know what causes them but my doctors are looking at hormone fluctuations right now. My SVT seems to get worse before my period and it also seems to come in spurts. I might be good for a few months and then will have some random episode. It often wakes me from my sleep when I do have one. I get an automatic surge feeling as the heart beat starts. It feels like it is in my tummy. It is almost always associated with a cold sweat, pounding racing heart, and just fear because it’s hard for me to not let my mind think that maybe this time it’s something else or maybe this time I’ll pass out. It’s caused me to fear driving especially alone or alone with my child. It’s caused me to fear being alone. I feel like this has taken my independence away.

    I want to add that I had extremely severe pectus excavatum that we discovered after mg daughter was born because my heart went bonkers. I found out I had 3.5 cm between my spine and sternum. I had a Nuss procedure so I now have 3 titanium rods between my spine and sternum that are pushing my sternum out to give it more room. I was fixed by Dr. Jaroszewski at Mayo clinic in Az.

    I take metoprolol ER nightly 50mg as it is the only thing that keeps it under control. The hope was the surgery would fix it. We tried reducing the BB by half however and about two months later it came back which makes me very sad. I was so hopeful. I can’t really exert myself. I have to try and avoid stress which can be hard today. I can’t even drink decaf coffee bc it’s enough to set me up. I do not drink any alcohol anymore or eat hardly any chocolate. It’s a very rare occasion that I do. I seem to be very sensitive to heat and really everything.

    I am thankful to read of other people going through similar things however I empathize with each of you because I know how scary this is.

    Thanks for this blog!

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