What is SVT?

SVT (supraventricular tachycardia)

The simplest way to explain SVT is an “electrical misfire” of the heart.

At “random” times the heartbeat gets caught in a loop instead of performing normally. The heart beat originates in the upper chambers, and goes through a main pathway down the center of your heart to the lower chambers where the beat dissipates. Sometimes, the “beat” gets stuck in a loop or circle, and instead of it going down and out, it loops around and gets “stuck” going in a circle due to an “Extra pathway”.

You need to “break” the circular cycle and certain methods or a shot of adenosine at the ER can help you do this.


gets caught in a “loop” instead of flowing down through a main pathway into the lower chambers of the heart and dissipating. The beat g back up, through an “extra pathway” and gets stuck creating a cycle of extremely rapid beating.Then you need to break the SVT either through maneuvers or by a shot of adenosine.  This type of SVT is an “electrical” issue not a “plumbing” issue. Again, you should check out all the areas of your heart to see if all your “plumbing” is working ok, and not clogged etc. As a generalization, SVT is electrical.


There are different types of SVT. I have AVNRT SVT

SVT vs. Anxiety

Anxiety or a panic attacks might make you feel like your heart is racing…but the racing is still within the control of your breath. SVT is when your heartbeat goes into a pattern and can no longer be controlled by your breath.Unfortunately, SVT and panic attacks can seem to go hand in hand, one feeds the other, and it can be confusing to know which one you are experiencing (until you have an SVT, then you will know the difference!)

I have AV node re-entry supraventricular tachycardia (AVNRT) . There are different types of SVT and accelerated rate heart issues and you should check with your Dr. to try to define the type you have.  (except don’t be surprised when they tell you they don’t know!!…they can only know for sure when they catch one on an EKG).

The best thing is to try to get an EKG while your heart is in an SVT or any type of accelerated rate, so a Dr. can try to determine the type. If you go to the ER during an episode that is the best time to catch one.


Here is an amazing video that explains SVT precisely!


What you might feel prior to an SVT

  • Episodes can start with what feels like a thump, or a weird sensation like a powerful heartbeat
  • Your heart may feel like it “stops” for a second, and when it back up it’s like a race car
  • Your heart may “run” like a long revving beat that doesn’t stop and rev’s up harder
  • SVT can be positional like moving quickly from bending to standin
  • feeling hot
  • like you need something cold to drink with ice
  • feeling “OFF”, like something is missing…a vitamin, not sure what it is…
  • Craving salt or sugar
  • Feeling brain fog,
  • Tired, or even exhausted
  • Being constipated, not having a daily bowel movement (
  • Feeling extreme anger, or stress
  • An acute stress-or, like immediate fear or danger

Ways to stop an SVT

You can try to stop an SVT on your own. Learning how is helpful so that you don’t need to rely on a ER.

The following methods have been used in the ER and suggested by Cardiologists:

  • Stay calm, lay down and elevate your legs,
  • Blow strongly into cupped hands, a straw, or a needless syringe
  • Massage the side of your neck on the vagal nerve. Sont do this alone as it possibly that you may pass out.
  • Place ice bags on your face and neck
  • Do a yoga shoulder stand, legs elevated
  • Yoga Pose: Child’s pose
  • Bear down as if you are going to have a bowel movemnt. or actually try to have a bowel movement
  • Right at that very moment, when your heart starts to rev, try to immediately hold your breathe and then blow as hard as possible into your cupped hands. Try that several times. It’s like trying to catch it at the onset, which sometimes stops it right away before it gets into the full blown SVT.


If the thought of an SVT episode makes you have a panic attack, then you are in the right place! SVT can be very scary! Layer in that it can happen anytime, anywhere, and that most people don’t know what it is, and the thought of one can wreck havoc in your life. For those reasons and many more, preventative techniques become the key to living with SVT. This site discusses many forms of prevention and gives practical things that you can do to help yourself.

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