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  • From Naeem Akhtar on The COURSE

    How can I be a part of this blog?

    2012/04/09 at 12:52 pm
    • From Tamika on The COURSE

      Hi there. I haven ‘undiagnosed’ SVT. It hasn’t been captured yet. I find my SVT is most prominent when I take Magnesium, Complex B Vitamins, Phosphate and large amounts of Calcium supplements. Sugar and caffeine for me are HUGE no no’s. Also from over exercising (cardio) and if I jump into the pool too quickly (must be water pressure). I also have found that disappointment and upset can bring it on too… Weird. I find that sitting on the ground quickly from standing usually corrects it, or putting my head under a cold shower.
      Recently I got diagnosed with a spleenic artery anuerism, which has since been removed as well as my gall bladder nine months later, and now pancreatitis due to surgery complications. Since the aneurism removal, episodes have been less frequent. I can’t eat burgers from the biggest burger takeaway outlet in the world (you know who I’m talking about). At first it was just the beef patties that made my heart skip beats and go out of whack, then the bread, then the chicken patties now the fish. I ate a burger from there recently and it took me four days to get over what felt like the adrenaline of going on a roller coaster. I also felt ‘hung over’. I believe that eating for your blood type and eating clean are definitely the ways to go, pretty much everything on your list. I’ve been monitoring this condition for 8 years now, but believe I had it through high school too, so for about 17 years. I have days where I feel like I’m going to pass out which I’m not sure is heart related, usually this bring on anxiety, and I have quite low blood pressure. Sucks a lot as I find it limits how far I want to go/holiday away from home/hospitals and has become a bit of a head wrecker. Anyway, I hope my story helps with what other people eliminate out of their diets.

      2014/10/28 at 3:41 am
      • From Tamika on The COURSE

        Oops not phosphate, rather potassium. Also, I’ve noticed that you mention to take Magnesium a lot. Why does it do the opposite to my heart??

        2014/10/28 at 3:48 am
    • From farmcharm on The COURSE

      Just click on the “follow this blog link” at the side of the page. And add this blog to your “favorites” so you can check it whenever you feel like it!

      2012/06/02 at 12:28 pm
      • From mary on The COURSE

        How do I become part
        of this..was just diagnosed with avnrt n suggested an ablation..im 40 yrs old n don’t want surgery please help..do u have doctors names n numbers in nyc?

        2015/03/27 at 1:06 am
  • From Naeem Akhtar on Adrenal Fatigue

    I am 56 years old male having SVT episodes for more than 20 years. It happens once or twice a year. In the beginning my SVT used to subside it self. In the last three SVT episodes it would not subside by itself and I had to go to hospital to get it treated. I am convinced that one can take care of SVT attacks as suggested on this website.

    From today onwards I will follow the guidelines on this website to over come my SVT and keep the outcome posted here.

    One question: My blood type is O positive. If I follow the Blood Type Diet, will it be of any help?

    2012/04/09 at 12:48 pm
    • From farmcharm on Adrenal Fatigue

      Yes…Im a fan of the eat for your bloodype diet…I am type B and my son is type O so I KNOW that it reccommends being Gluten Free for both those types. Just get a copy of the Pocket size version for your type and carry it with you…that way when you are buying beans or fish etc…you can look up in your book the ones to avoid or buy. Always try to eat the things listed in the “highly beneficial: section.

      I eat to avoid my allergins, meat, dairy, gluten, etc. and for my blood type B. Good luck, Let me know how its going!

      2012/06/02 at 12:31 pm