Heal SVT Naturally


Heal SVT Naturally, THE COURSE,

is a comprehensive, 8 module on-line immersion program that begins in 2018



Imagine if…


1. You could FREE yourself from the constant FEAR of SVT

2. You knew the REAL reasons that you had SVT. The ROOT causes and exactly what you could about them.

3. You knew how to change your thinking, your diet, your behavior and lifestyle to invite healing and enjoyed doing so.

4. You could turn your pain and suffering into freedom, purpose and meaning.

Treating the underlying causes of health problems is the KEY to deep long lasting healing

Who would benefit from this course?

If this is you: 

  • You have ongoing SVT episodes and live in fear of your next one.
  • Your SVT is consuming your thoughts, making you fearful of making social plans, travel, going to work or being alone.
  • Your SVT feels like it’s out of control and ruining your life.
  • You know some of your “triggers” but still have occasional SVT episodes.
  • You have related symptoms such as digestive issues, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional eating, exhaustion, POTS, heat intolerance, as well as other health concerns.
  • You are considering medication or are already on medication.
  • You are considering ablation or have had ablation.
  • You know that your diet is not serving you well; you would like to know how to create a balanced diet with food you would enjoy.
  • You want to heal, not just treat your symptoms, but really break through your blocks, change your life and health and be fully supported in your transformation.




What is the Heal SVT Naturally The Course?

Heal SVT Naturally the course is an online program that walks you through the integrative layers of  Heal your SVT naturally.

 It consists of 8 modules, each one representing a core layer in the process of healing. It is a system that will help you identify your core contributors and show you the ways to address each one using practical and tangible methods. .

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic. 

It is an extremely unique personal support and learning system to help you to drastically reduce and control your SVT. This course gives you all the TOOLS you need to feel empowered, start preventing episodes, improve your health and self-care, reduce SVT anxiety, increase your self-nourishment and build a life you LOVE.

How it Works…

The course is delivered via videos, colorful PDF downloads, workbooks and group coaching support.

You will gain instant access to the exact strategies that helped me and hundreds of other SVT sufferers from around the globe to drastically reduce SVT episodes and elevate their overall health.

You will be inspired, motivated and accountable during the process.

The Course Curriculum

Module 1

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Module 2

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Module 3

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Module 4

Coming soon…

circle (2)Hi I’m Laura Madrigano  and I created this course especially for YOU!

You are NOT alone. You have no idea how many people have SVT. Moms, entrepreneurs, men, women, teenagers, children, people from all walks of life. I have worked with people with SVT from ALL over the world!

Through the years, I have noticed similarities between us all. These similarities have become the foundation for my private coaching, the articles I write, the methods that I teach and my inspiration to help others learn what has worked for me, to heal my own SVT naturally.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have carefully designed a program that addresses SVT from a functional, integrative approach. This course covers all of the layers that are contributing to your SVT, and all of the things that you can do about it.

I have lived through SVT. As you probably know, from ready My story, I used to suffer, live in constant fear of SVT, and be so tired, that I couldn’t even get through a day without laying on the couch for 2 hours.

This course will take you through every single method that I used to help me transform my health. It incorporates all of the nutrition based changes, the self-care, and the strategies that changed my life and the lives of so many other sufferers.

My intention is to help you begin to feel empowered around your SVT, less afraid, have fewer episodes, take control of your health and FEEL better so that you can do your important work in the world and enjoy your life!


Say good-bye to SVT!

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! YOU have changed my life and if it wasn’t for this blog and these ideas I would be under the knife right now getting this horrible ablation that is not a cure, but a band-aid covering up the real problem”

“Aww…finally! Some information! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

“So thankful to find this encouraging website!”

“Thank you for this site. It is one of the only good resources I could find online.”

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Heal SVT Naturally, is a philosophy of healing that helps people reduce and eliminate their SVT and elevate their overall health.