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Why do I have SVT?

Yes, if you have SVT, you have an accessory pathway present, but why do you have electrical mis-fires on some days vs others? Why does SVT seem to occur more frequently when you are stressed, didn’t get enough sleep, are dehydrated or overate? Why do so many people with SVT also have POTS, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue along with their SVT? SVT may not be as “random” or isolated as you think. Below is an article link to help you understand SVT from a more integrative perspective; as a condition that is presenting from deeper levels of depletion, inflammation and gut imbalance, along with some actions steps that you can take right away to help yourself!

Learn WHY YOU HAVE SVT in this article HERE

What is the SVT Prevention Diet?

The SVT Prevention Diet is a 200 page e-book that I wrote that gives you direction and guidance on how to use diet as a major TOOL to help RID yourself of SVT. It includes over 30 pages on the SVT-Gut connection, Why its essential to lower your body burden and decrease inflammation, what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, why you need cooling foods, and how to address dietary self-care. Learn more HERE

I Just found out I have SVT! Where should I start?

Start HERE by reading the ABOUT page. It has links to take you further

I never can break my SVT, What should I do?

Learn about the modified Valsalva manuever HERE and be sure you are using needle-less syringes to BLOW into. get them HERE

I have had SVT for a while and am ready to try the Integrative approach, what e-guide should I buy first?

I would suggest starting with the SVT Prevention DIET HERE and then reading EPISODE EMPOWERMENT HERE

What is the link to the Heal SVT Naturally Facebook Group?

Join the private FB GROUP HERE. Please note there are 3 questions that you need to answer to join…they are simple and just tell me that you are not a robot and are interested in the integrative approach to healing SVT naturally.

What is the Heal SVT Naturally Approach?

My basic concepts about Healing SVT Naturally take what we know about SVT and add a deeper understanding of the root causes (that are not conventionally considered) that exacerbate SVT. The Heal SVT Naturally Approach includes the missing treatment options in the current way of viewing and treating SVT by addressing your diet, mindset, lifestyle and the underlying causes of the condition.

How long ago was your last SVT?

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What magnesium should I take?

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