Your SVT’s are not as random as you think. The Food you are eating has everything to do with your SVT, the frequency of your SVT and your overall health. My philosophy is that SVT and the GUT are deeply connected and that if we look for clues in our food, we can begin to solve our SVT.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.  Hormones, sleep, stress, your digestion, emotions and lifestyle choices, what we eat and the way we eat it all play a role.

I understand that  “Eating Healthy” is not always so easy to do. There are several reasons why many of us do not have a healthier diet. Reasons can include a busy lifestyle, kids, picky eaters, being in a rush, leaning on carbs, fast food, not scheduling in time for food prep and food shopping, emotional eating, needing comfort foods, binge eating, eating disorders etc.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) your relationship to food has a lot to do with SVT,  so healing any broken areas of this fundamental relationship is a key step if you want to try to address your SVT with a more natural approach.

I personally have had to overhaul my diet and by doing so, has changed my health and ultimately my life. While I am not a health coach, but a Board Certified Life + Business Coach…I have spent my life studying food, seeing private nutritionists, taking on line classes, and passionately studying and experimenting with food to help me heal and elevate my own relationship with food.

Upgrading your diet is one of the main things that you can do to prevent SVT episodes and improve the quality of your overall health. Start with these steps below to begin to help you embrace how much impact what you are eating has to do with your SVT.

  1. Download my Food and Life style Tracker by opting into my email list HERE. Use this template to track your food, supplements, water, bowel movements, and more. BE your OWN SVT detective. The sooner you relate your food to your SVT, the sooner you can begin to prevent episodes! If you want me to study and analyze this with you or for you,  book a FREE session with me HERE to learn more about my SVT coaching services and how I can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle. You can also read my food tracker article HERE

2. LEARN more about SVT triggers and Food Intolerences: Here are links to my best articles on the subject

3. Emotional Eating, Food Addictions and SVT: Since food is such a major piece to why we get SVT, I have also added in articles to help you if you have an emotional eating imbalance. Read this article HERE and consider downloading my SVT and Emotional Eating Journaling Guide  HERE

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