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Integrative Treatment Options & Lifestyle Medicine for people with Supraventricular Tachycardia and related anxiety

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A Whole Body Integrative Approach to help you HEAL SVT Naturally.

Hi! I’m Laura Madrigano

Welcome! I used to suffer with random SVT episodes and the debilitating anxiety that goes along with it.  As a believer in taking a mind body spirit approach to health, I decided against medication and ablation and instead changed my diet and other lifestyle factors to help myself.  I was amazed to find that FOOD, NUTRITION, stress management and emotional healing would not only help me, but rid me of SVT, POTS, panic attacks, digestive issues and more. Today, as a Board Certified Life Coach, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a mom to 2 young boys and an SVT thriver, I share these supplemental lifestyle treatment options with people from all over the world. I want to help you learn exactly what you can do to start preventing SVT and improving your overall health!

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The Heal SVT Naturally Approach: 

  • Includes the missing treatment options in the current way of viewing and treating SVT by addressing your diet, gut health, hormone balance, undiagnosed food sensitivities, stress, lifestyle and the underlying root causes of the condition.

  • Offers you new ways to view your SVT. It helps you reframe SVT as a catalyst for change and something positive.

  • Is INTEGRATIVE and approaches SVT as a WHOLE body condition. It looks at your whole health story, personal story, and unique health picture.

  • Defines The CORE FOUR Healing layers which are the ROOT CAUSES of your SVT which are The Physical (Nutritional+ Hormonal) , Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual contributors that all are contributing to your SVT.

  • Helps you identify your SVT Triggers and learn exactly how to prevent acute episodes.

  • Helps you take back CONTROL of your health using food + nutrition, self-care tools and heart listening practices.

Start with my TOP TEN TIPS…it’s FREE!

I used to experience daily, weekly and monthly SVT episodes.

I studied my behaviors and finally started to connect the dots and track what triggered my SVT.  I found common denominators and created a list of things that YOU can do to help address common triggers and avoid epsiodes. These are my TOP TEN TIPS to heal SVT naturally.

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Focus on what you can control: Lifestyle Medicine

The Heal SVT Naturally Approach applies integrative logic to your circumstances.  It addresses acute episodes with trigger management, prevention, better nutrition, less depletion, and more attention to self-care while simultaneously searching for the deeper causes of the vulnerability and addressing those, such as improving gut health and vitamin and mineral absorption. It then layers in therapies like vagal toning, stress management, and listening to your heart for a more complete approach.

Heal SVT Naturally Using These Tools…

The Basics

The basics of healing SVT naturally lies in seeking out the ROOT causes that trigger you on both an acute and ongoing level.  Food, undiagnosed food allergies, gut health, hormone balance, stress, emotions, lifestyle and more are all important factors that are within your control to change.

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When helping people uncover a root cause, I always begin with DIET and Nutrition. It is both the easiest and hardest place to start since there is so much that can be manipulated here for positive results.  The SVT-GUT connection is real and more and more people are beginning to learn to use food and gut health as a form of lifelong SVT management and prevention.

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SVT is your catalyst. It is an opportunity to evaluate and address that which is out of balance in your life. It is driving you to rethink and reprioritize the details of your diet, lifestyle stress, career, environment, relationships and daily habits in order to reset your entire health and even your direction in life.

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Gut Health

Your gut health and the integrity of your digestive system is inextricably connected to your overall health. Every physiological function is rooted in the gut. Therefore, it is the first place to address when searching for root causes to SVT as well as almost every other health issue you might be facing. This topic is so large, that I devoted an entire separate e-guide to it called, The SVT Prevention Diet E-guide. This 200 page digital download provides specific details on the SVT-GUT connection, along with what to eat, what to avoid and how to use diet and gut health as the foundation of your SVT prevention lifestyle. It is a must read for anyone who is committed to healing SVT naturally.

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Hormone Balance

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If you are wondering Why me? Or feel like a victim, the very first thing that will help you, is to realize that SVT is not something that is happening to you, it is something that is happening FOR you. If the way you have been thinking and behaving in your life has led to SVT, depletion, medication, surgery, anxiety and fear then you need NEW thinking and behaviors to create paths for self-improvement, healing, balance, nourishment, self-care, freedom and happiness.

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My Mission is to help people change their health and essentially their life by learning how to take care of yourself using food, diet, healing practices and aligning with your hearts true desires. 

There are many ways to support yourself and PREVENT SVT

You don’t have to suffer…

I know exactly what you are going through!

Is FEAR of SVT consuming your life?

  • Is SVT controlling and consuming your life?
  • Are you afraid of the next looming epsisode?
  • Do you feel afraid to fly, be alone or travel?
  • Do you scout out the nearest hospital “just in case”?
  • Do you also have anxiety, general palpitations or feel hot?
  • Do you wonder if ablation is the right choice for you?
  • Are you aprehensive about lifelong heart medication?
  • Have you begun to link SVT to stress or certain foods?
  • Do you feel fustrated with traditional cardiology and long for a whole body approach?
  • Is SVT impacting the quality of your life?
  • Do you feel hopeless and afraid?
  • Do you want to change more than just your SVT?

I can help empower you

  • Learn about ROOT CAUSE medicine
  • There are REASONS you have SVT, its not as “random” as you think!
  • I will help you link your Diet and gut integrity to your propensity for SVT
  • Your heart is talking to you, I can help you listen to it and give yourself exactly what you really need!
  • Increase your connection to your intuition
  • Finally make time for Self-care.
  • Regulate your emotions, free yourself from anger, or saddness
  • Learn how to use journaling as a powerful healing tool
  • Find out about missing treatment options like Diet, Lifestyle and Vagal Toning.

How I help…

  • Connect the dots between your GUT + SVT
  • Tell you exactly what to eat and what to avoid.
  • Help you LISTEN to your HEART using mindfullness, self-care and integrative practices
  • Help you HEAL your OLD HEART wounds from the past.
  • Align with what your HEART’s desires.
  • Shift your mindset and learn to view SVT as an importnat messenger.
  • Use spiritual tools to help you manifest what you truly desire.
  • Attract what you really want, health, abundance, love and joy.

Start your healing journey today by downloading these e-guides…

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Let’s Work Together!

Have you been wanting to work with a Life Coach, or a Health Coach? Well, I offer you the unique combination being both! I specialize in SVT, and am devoted to your healing and transformation.


““Thank you so much for giving me the nudge I need to clean up my life, and get healthy again!” “

“I had experienced health issues for YEARS and was beyond frustration with not being able to figure out what was wrong…I was sick and tired if being sick and tired ! .. and then one day I happened to stumble on to the website Heal SVT Naturally. As I read Laura’s story I had hope! It was as though she had climbed into my body and was expressing every single, symptom and feeling I had ever experienced ! I wasn’t crazy after all. That was my beginning to understanding my heart problems. She was an answer to prayer! She has helped me so much!!! She and Kris Carr are two of my favorite people to follow regarding health issues!”


“Hi. I am a medical resident specializing in cardiology…. I have always been lactose intolerant and after reading the blog will try to be on a gluten free diet.”

“Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was considering an ablation. I took all your advice and started drinking lots of water and going gluten free. In the meantime, the electrophysiologist postponed my appointment not once but twice. I took this as a sign not to go down this road. I’m so glad I opted not to have the ablation. I’m feeling great. I hardly ever get palpitations anymore and when I do get a flutter, I go straight for a big glass of water. I’ve even went back to yoga classes! I’ve only had one episode in the past month and I was able to break it on my own. I am so grateful that I found your website when I did. I was actually looking for information on ablations when I stumbled upon your website. Funny how the universe works:-). Thank you so much for all your valuable information!!”

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