My Story

Hi!  I’m Laura Madrigano. I am a mother of two young boys, a former New York fashion designer, a Board Certified Life Coach, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a fellow SVT thriver, and the creator of Heal SVT Naturally.

My first SVT hit me when I was 26 years old.

Since I had suffered from panic attacks in my early 20’s, I was familiar with heart palpitations and the sensation of a racing heart. This time it was much different. I couldn’t control my heartbeat with the usual attempts such as slow, deep breathing, drinking water or trying to stay calm.  A trip to the Emergency Room, and a shot of adenosine confirmed that I had Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. Say what? What on earth is SVT? Needless to say, I felt alone, confused, and scared.

I grew up on guard about feeling ill or getting sick. As a child I had chronic stomach aches and nausea.  At age 12, my doctors speculated that I had symptoms for either juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus, (later re-diagnosed as Lyme). In my late teens and early 20’s I suffered with severe panic attacks, constipation, and occasional hives. In my 30’s add in migraines, anxiety, gas pain and bloating after eating, low blood sugar, heat intolerance, waking in the middle of the night with a pounding heart, and POTS. Later I would understand that all of these health issues were directly or indirectly related.

The start of my Heal SVT naturally journey…

All of my symptoms seemed to worsen in my 30’s and after my first pregnancy. The physical exhaustion coupled with ongoing adrenal fatigue and the demands of being a new mom culminated into a health breakdown. I woke up every day exhausted and not certain I would have the energy to take care of my son. I longed to lie on the couch during his nap and counted the minutes until his bedtime so I could crawl into my own bed.

Every day I felt threatened that another SVT was imminent.

I lived with constant palpitations, electrical misfires of the heart, SVT “attempts”, actual SVT or the crippling fear of one occurring.

One morning after eating a cheesesteak sandwich the night before, I experienced a long and difficult SVT that made me question my survival. I intuitively knew that if I didn’t figure out and control my health problems, that I was in serious trouble.


SVT Detective

And thus, the most important journey of my life would begin.  Like a detective I had to cover all of my bases and consider everything a potential clue as to why I was so sick in general, and what was causing my SVT specifically.

I made appointments with leading cardiologists and electro physiologists in premier New York hospitals to educate myself and to get opinions about treatment and prevention of SVT. I wore holter monitors and took every kind of blood test, all of which came back “normal”.  There must be a reason why I had random SVT episodes!  Other questions constantly swirled around me:  was there a link between SVT and POTS? Why was I so much likely to get an SVT when I was hot, or had sugar for breakfast or got run down?  While I understood that I had an extra pathway allowing the SVT to occur, I wondered why they appeared to happen on certain days, or when I was sleep-deprived, stressed or constipated?  The only advice I consistently received from my cardiologist was to avoid caffeine. I knew that my doctors were well-intentioned and provided me with their best advice. Yet, I knew there had to be other pieces to my health puzzle, and I remained determined to figure out this mystery.

Getting help and moving forward

I knew I couldn’t move forward alone. I needed the expertise of a health coach, a naturopathic doctor, an acupuncturist and other alternative health practitioners to look at my symptoms in a whole new, whole body way. Some of the first steps were testing for food sensitivities and changing my diet to avoid what was making me sick, as well as adding in more nutrient-dense foods.

I had to address old emotional issues and lifestyle habits that were self-destructive. I had to learn how to manage my stress in productive ways, and take care of myself as if my life depended on it!  I tracked my trials and errors, as well as my progress on a blog I started called Heal SVT Naturally.  It was a place for me to vent my frustration and my success, and to share stories with others who had SVT.  I wasn’t sure where it would lead me, but I trusted that it was an important step in my journey.

A whole new life

That little blog has turned into a valuable website and leading resource on the internet for people who are searching for alternative approaches to healing SVT.

Over the years the website and the community have evolved, and so too has my health and my life dramatically improved.  My POTS is gone, healed, non-existent. I have had only one SVT in over five years and that was because I knowingly, broke my own rules. I don’t have any SVT-related symptoms anymore, such as palpitations or chronic electrical misfires. I never wake up with my heart pounding in the middle of the night, and my heat intolerance is gone. I can lift my children without worry of triggering an SVT. My general anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings and severe food cravings are also gone, and I have lost weight as a bonus. In short, I am finally forging the path of living life to the fullest and without the constant fear of an SVT occurrence.

A New Career

Because self-care, health, spirituality, and food became the things I focused on in order to not only survive but to thrive, I changed careers to allow the things I valued to be in the forefront of my life everyday. I studied to become a Board Certified Life Coach and later an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Today, I write, coach, and create healing resources for people to use to transform their lives and health just as I have.

Are you ready to heal your SVT naturally?

I help people from all over the world learn and apply the same natural methods that worked for me

Healing SVT naturally is not magic. It takes an open mind to seek testing for food sensitivities and changing your diet. It requires commitment to embrace self-care, to address emotional wounds and to listen to your heart in new ways.  To be successful in this healing, it helps to view this diagnosis as an opportunity to take your health and happiness to a whole new level. So prepare to do some work on yourself, but know that you will be completely supported.

A wealth of resources

You can expect to find new insights into the impact that food, digestion, emotions, sleep, exercise, and stress have on SVT. I will share my philosophy that there are four root layers that can either trigger SVT episodes, or if healed, can create a foundation for a life without SVT. I will show you how food, supplements and specific self-care habits can act as your medicine to manage your SVT. And much more…

I KNOW that you are being called forward for big things, just like I was, and that you need to feel better to be able to reach your greatest potential. You don’t have to suffer or live in fear of SVT! There is a better path and I want to help you discover and embrace it.

With love and healing,

Laura, Your SVT Coach


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Laura Madrigano is a Board Certified Life Coach and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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After years of working with people with SVT, I have created a course so that people with SVT can learn what to do and how to help themselves from anywhere in the world.

The course begins in 2018 and enrollment is opening in October 2017.

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