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Over the last 2 years I wrote a series of SVT e-guides to teach you everything you need to know about self-healing SVT. I suggest starting with Episode Empowerment, then moving on to the Basics then SVT Prevention Diet, then SVT + Gluten Free.

  • e-guides are easy to read and digest

  • it’s like hiring me as your own personal SVT coach

  • e-guides are a FAST and efficient way to learn what took me over 20 years to figure out.

  • the e-guides cover all the topics within the Heal SVT Naturally Approach including Diet, gut health, hormone balance, undiagnosed food sensitivities, stress, emotions, mineral balance, self-care, lifestyle medicine and more

  • all of the e-guides are available for immediate download.

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SVT Episode Empowerment

The biggest worry that any SVT sufferer faces is an acute SVT episode.

No one wants to have an SVT. All of my e-guides and coaching work is meant to help you learn how to prevent and avoid an episode, both in the short term by learning your SVT triggers, and in the longterm by applying integrative root cause medicine.

Nonetheless, we need an empowering plan to manage, deal with and convert acute SVT…

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The Basics

Learn all the basics about taking an integrative approach to SVT. What are the root causes? Is it really manageable using diet and lifestyle? How can you subside the debilitating anxiety that comes along with SVT? This is the guide that I WISH was handed to me when I was first diagnosed. $9.99

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The SVT Prevention Diet

Food + SVT are intricately connected. Learn about the SVT-GUT connection, my core theory, my personal food-SVT story, and the diet I use that has kept me SVT FREE for nearly 7 years. 210 pages. $14.99


SVT & Gluten Free

Many people with SVT have unknown gluten sensitivities which trigger immune reactions that can cause or worsen SVT and related symptoms.When they remove gluten from their diet, they also eliminate or reduce the frequency of their SVT episodes…

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Top Ten Tips

My TOP TEN TIPS to Heal SVT naturally is a FREE 13 page inspirational guide and my gift to you when you sign up for my email list. You get this immediately  delivered to your inbox!

Coming Soon

coming soon

This guide is in work and will be ready soon!

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

This guide is in work and will be ready soon!

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