The SVT Prevention Diet…

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The SVT Prevention Diet: The Power of Food and Self-Care to Control Your SVT and Transform Your Health

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The food you are eating directly impacts the frequency of your SVT episodes as well as your overall health. Many people have damaged guts as a result of years of poor eating and exposure to unknown food sensitivities and artificial ingredients and pesticides. Repairing your gut will take time but it will be worth the investment of effort because of its direct impact to your heart’s functioning.

There is a lot of work to do to determine which foods could be contributing to your SVT and whether emotions are fueling your food choices.  Food preparation, menu planning and time management can feel overwhelming when you first begin to change your mind and your habits in this area of your life. The SVT prevention diet will provide the framework and guidance to launch the dietary and lifestyle changes that will help you heal your SVT naturally.

The SVT Prevention Diet: 

Reduce your episodes and elevate your overall health


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The SVT Prevention Diet is not a temporary diet but a way of life. It teaches you what you need to know to start controlling your SVT using FOOD as medicine. The food you are eating has everything to do with the frequency of your episodes.

The SVT Prevention Diet also features a Toolkit with:


  • The SVT-Gut Connection
  • Restore balance to your intestinal track
  • Inflammation and SVT
  • The Do’s and Don’t of what to eat to prevent SVT
  • Details on the SVT Prevention Diet
  • Easy, fast and delicious recipes
  • Weekly menu plans with grocery lists
  • The SVT Food Stash for your handbag, briefcase or car
  • Support to help you overcome blocks around your relationship with food


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Available for PRE-ORDER 





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