The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT (2)
The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT (2)

The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT


The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT: What you need to know to start your journey of healing

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My journey with SVT has led me through traditional cardiology and alternative approaches. This guide brings my personal and professional experience, research, and beliefs into one concise place. It is meant to help you learn everything there is to know about navigating your SVT, and fast!

The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT introduces you to a completely different version of understanding and managing SVT:

The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT will teach you: 

  • The differences between traditional cardiology and an integrative healing approach.
  • The introduction to the Heal SVT Naturally Approach
  • How to minimize or stop an SVT episode.
  • How to understand and begin to identify acute SVT triggers.
  • The concept of root contributors to SVT and their impact on the entire body.
  • The need to track and analyze the meaning of your symptoms.
  • The importance of a long-term SVT prevention plan.
  • To view SVT as an opportunity to assess the quality of your overall health and happiness.

If you are suffering, there is hope!

This guide shares everything that I wish I knew at the beginning of my SVT journey, in a comprehensive and flexible way. There is no other resource like this anywhere in the world!

Directions to purchase & DOWNLOAD  the e-guide:

  1. Click Add to Cart and View Cart and Proceed to Checkout
  2. Add billing info and then click Proceed to Paypal. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to purchase the e-guide. You can use a credit or debit card or a Paypal account.
  3. You will be taken to a Paypal page to pay and then after it’s processed, Paypal will AUTOMATICALLY send you back to the SVT website to a page that says: ORDER RECEIVED
  4. Under Order Received, it says ORDER DETAILS and beneath that, it says “DOWNLOAD” with the name of the e-guide next to it, “The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT”. Click on that link and the e-guide will automatically download.
  5. If you have any problems, just email us at and we will email you the guide immediately.


Product Description

REVIEW August 16th 2017: Laura’s, Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT, is the most comprehensive information on SVT to date..not just managing it, but truly healing it..One of the things that stands out to me is perseverance, not giving up…this is the number one informative and loving guides that I have ever seen…what a blessing to overall health… this review comes after reading and rereading the invaluable contents and having been a life changed as a result of her freely shared knowledge. Thank you Laura Madrigano


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