The Basics of Healing SVT Naturally

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My e-guides introduce you to my integrative approach to healing SVT naturally and elevating your entire health.

I include the missing treatment options in the current way of viewing and treating SVT by addressing your diet, mindset, lifestyle and the underlying causes of the condition.

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I used to experience daily, weekly and monthly SVT episodes.

I studied my behaviors and finally started to connect the dots and track what triggered my SVT.  I found common denominators and created a list of things that YOU can do to help address common triggers and avoid epsiodes. These are my TOP TEN TIPS to heal SVT naturally.

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The Basics


Learn all the basics

This is the guide I wish someone handed me when I was diagnosed

Here is what you will learn in this e-guide:

  1. The Integrative Approach to Healing SVT Naturally. The missing and supplemental treatment options in traditional cardiology & how to apply lifestyle medicine to your healing plan.
  2. How to create a NEW SVT MINDSET: It’s time to empower yourself and learn how to mentally manage your SVT! Learn powerful ways to reframe SVT; not as something that is happening to you, but for you.
  3. Your SVT has a message for you! Learn how to find the deeper meaning behind why you have SVT.
  4. The differences between traditional cardiologyand why an integrative approach is a way to find more lasting full spectrum healing.
  5. Learn about ROOT CAUSE Medicine.Assess the underlying causesof your condition. Why you have SVT and what to do about it.
  6. Episode Empowerment:A mini guide within the guide to help you learn how to stay calm during episodes, how to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, and steps for the modified Valsalva maneuver.
  7. SVT Triggers: Learn how to identify and mitigate your SVT Triggers.
  8. The CORE FOUR Healing Layers:The ROOT causes of SVT and how to take action in each of the highlighted healing areas.
    • the PHYSICAL (the introduction to the SVT-Gut connection, and how diet and nutrition can provide lasting relief)
    • and ENERGETIC causes of SVT
    • direction you can take within each healing layer to find relief.
  9. Integration: How to process and apply all of the new views and actions steps into your life.
  10. Long-Term Prevention as a way of life for SVT management.
  11. The Work of Being Well: your next steps in the journey and other resources to support you.

SVT is not your emeny

If you have SVT then there are things in your life and diet that need to CHANGE. I help people SHIFT their view of SVT so that they can feel empowered and ready to make the CHANGES that are calling.

I help people TRANSFORM their health and their lives..

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