The Heal SVT Naturally E-guide Series

a series of downloadable (digital) e-guides to help you at every phase of your SVT healing Journey

Ready to start learning and doing everything you can to help yourself?

As you and I know, SVT can be a scary, disempowering health issue. BUT, there is truly so much that is within your control to learn and start doing to help yourself.


I wrote (and am in the process of completing) a series of 8 e-guides to help you at every stage of your SVT healing journey. Read about them below and choose the ones that speak to you most!

All have powerful, important, useful information to help you immediately!

The Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT

This is the first e-guide in the series. It is my foundational e-guide to help people who are new to the SVT diagnosis. You will learn the differences between traditional cardiology and an integrative approach to SVT management. I introduce you to the Heal SVT Naturally Healing Spectrum, which explains all the places to look for healing opportunities, beyond acute episodes. Most importantly, the guide introduces and explains THE CORE FOUR, which are the ROOT causes of SVT and an introduction on what to do to address and heal them.

The SVT Prevention Diet & Lifestyle

The food you are eating directly impacts the frequency of your SVT episodes as well as your overall health. Many people have damaged guts as a result of years of poor eating and exposure to unknown food sensitivities and artificial ingredients and pesticides. Repairing your gut will take time but it will be worth the investment of effort because of its direct impact to your heart’s functioning.

This is the 2nd guide and an absolute MUST READ. It comes with a 35 page recipes guide as a separate sister guide.

SVT & Gluten Free

Many people with SVT have undiagnosed sensitivities to gluten and other foods which are causing or worsening their episodes. Gluten sensitivity is so common in our community with such a relatively easy way to get deep and reliable relief, that eliminating gluten is the most important consideration when creating an SVT prevention diet.

This is the 3rd e-guide in the E-guide series

Episode Empowerment Guide

Stay Calm & BREAK your SVT!

To create lasting episode empowerment, we need to be prepared and have a plan in place to gain a real sense of confidence when it comes to acute SVT episodes. For even more in-depth coverage of this topic, The SVT Episode Empowerment guide will help to prepare you for future episodes by giving you tools to stay calm, ways to calm the Vagus nerve, help you create an SVT episode empowerment kit, and give a comprehensive list of conversion methods to use as a checklist during episodes.

This is the 4th e-guide in the Heal SVT Naturally E-guide Series

Self-Care for SVT

Coming Soon

Listen to Your Heart

Coming Soon

This is the 6th e-guide in the E-guide series

Journaling with your SVT

Coming Soon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with your SVT? Do you have questions that you want answered? Do you believe that there are deeper layers to why we have certain health issues? Your heart is speaking to you every day! SVT is a symptom and your heart wants you to figure out what it is trying to tell you. This guide is an easy to use template to help you find the wisdom that you need to help you answer your most pressing SVT questions by opening up a conversation with your HEART.

Self-Care for Emotional Eating

Coming Soon

Emotional Eating can create an invitation for SVT along with weight gain, negative self-talk and many other issues. If you, like so many people, deal with stress eating, overeating, eating for relief, or to escape or soothe, then this e-guide will have some fresh ideas to help you fulfill yourself in deeper ways.
I offer this guide to many clients, including those who do not have SVT, but since eating and SVT are so intertwined, its important that if you do have an emotional eating issue, you give yourself all the support you need.

This guide is coming soon, expect3ed publish date: Feb 2018

Bundle…get them all! 

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