Needle-Less Syringe to help CONVERT

Needle-less syringes are a great SVT conversion tool. You want to keep them around your home and office so that if you need to use them you have them handy. You BLOW into them while using the modified Valsalva Manuever.

This guide covers all the BASICS about healing SVT naturally

Please see my Heal SVT Naturally THE BAISCS e-guide to learn about how to use them, with the modified valsalva manuever along with all of my other conversion tips and how to stay calm during an SVT episode.


Product description

These Care Touch Syringes are individually sealed with a total of 15 syringes per box.

  • VALUE PACK-You will receive 15 Syringes, oral syringe with cover (No Needle)
  • DISPOSABLE – The syringes are disposable, for one time use only
  • STERILE – Each syringe is individually sealed
  • SYRINGE ONLY – These syringes are with an oral tip, it does NOT HAVE A NEEDLE


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