WHY do I have SVT?

One of the questions I get asked all the time, and that I used to ask myself over and over again was WHY do I have SVT?

My experience with my own SVT suffering and healing journey allows me to understand that SVT is a multi-layered condition (just like most health issues are) and to understand WHY you have SVT, you have to open your mind to understanding and viewing Supra ventricular Tachycardia from an integrative perspective.


Understanding why you have SVT from an Integrative Perspective:

Let’s start by Understanding SVT from an integrative perspective…Yes, if you have SVT, you have an accessory pathway present, but WHY do you have electrical mis-fires on some days vs others? WHY does SVT seem to occur more frequently when you are stressed, didn’t get enough sleep, are dehydrated or overate? WHY do so many people with SVT also have POTS, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue and digestive issues, or autoimmune diseases along with their SVT?

Since SVT is not as “random” or isolated as you think, we have to look deep into what I call the Core Four Healing layers for answers. I believe that SVT is a SYMPTOM or the representation of something deeper going on, such as depletion, hormone imbalances, mineral malabsorption, high body burden, undiagnosed food sensitivities, emotional distress, gut imbalance, and more.  Examining the root causes of your SVT is the deeper goal of your healing work and my goal is to guide you into that examination.

The CORE FOUR is a term that I created to encompasses four major areas to examine to find your root causes that are manifesting as SVT and thus can also be applied as the remedies for your SVT. They are the circumstances that can weaken your health or restore it depending on lifestyle choices, diet, emotional well-being, environment, and other influencers. They represent the vast and complex internal tapestry that requires our attention. The Core Four are central to the discussion what you can tangibly do to help yourself. This is where the source of our illness and disharmony resides and where we find opportunity to restore balance and rebuild health. These are the key areas that impact your health and plant the seeds for your susceptibility to SVT. They are also the points of power of where you can exercise action steps to take back control of your health and destiny.

Below is a brief re-cap of 2 of the 4 CORE FOUR Healing layers, which essentially is the WHY.….It’s up to YOU to explore these topics to find the ones that resonate with you and hold true…and then to implement the guidelines or healing protocol I provide to remedy them.

Physical+ Nutritional Layer: SVT is a condition of depletion. You can be depleted, exhausted, not absorbing essential vitamins and minerals, have adrenal fatigue, be dehydrated,  have a poor diet, have undiagnosed food sensitivities, eat too much white sugar and processed foods which are robbing your body of minerals just to digest them, you can be suffering with chronic inflammation, have compromised gut integrity, leaky gut syndrome, your liver is on overload and can’t detox fast enough, your hormones may be imbalanced, your body burden is high, and the list goes on…etc. These are just SOME examples of where the physical and nutritional depletion is stemming from.

The remedies for the Physical and Nutritional layer is to start with changing your diet.  I wrote a 200 page e-book to help you with this. It explains how to lower inflammation, make daily choices that will help you to restore instead of deplete and it evens has a section to help you examine your relationship with food and how emotional eating or unresolved eating issues may be interfering with your ability to use food as medicine. Check it out HERE

The Emotional Layer: You have emotional stressors, years of unresolved stress or turmoil, you are not taking good care of yourself, you don’t set boundaries, you let people abuse or take advantage of you, you are sad, heartbroken, have unresolved childhood wounds from the past that are asking to be healed, you are disconnected from your intuition or heart’s true desires, you are stressed, tired, feel alone, don’t have “enough” money, you are not ready or able to face some of the changes that are calling, lack self-care or the ability to self-nourish, anger issues, old anger, over reactivity and more.

To help with some of these issues, you can check out my Free e-guide, “Journaling with your Intuition” HERE

Energetic Layer- You are sensitive, you are an empath, you absorb other peoples energy and emotions, you are deeply effected by what’s happening in the world, you may not be aware of how to cleanse your personal energetic space or environmental space. You may not realize just how much energy you are absorbing that is not even yours. The heart has an electromagnetic filed that is being bombarded by external triggers on a daily basis.

To help with this we have to honor our sensitivities, learn how to protect yourself, identify and set clear boundaries with external sources even family members. Learn tactics to deal with toxic people or toxic interactions and more…

The Spiritual Layer- Asking our heart from a spiritual perspective what it needs, if we are listening to our heart, connected to our intuition, making intuitive decisions, receiving joy, have a trusting relationship with God or whatever we consider our source to be, if we feel divinely guided and protected, if we are mad at God and exploring why and working on forgiveness, if we are disconnected from our divine path, if we have a spiritual practice, if we suppress our heart truth, if we don’t make time to listen to our heart’s needs, if we are aligned with the spiritual Law of Attraction and other spiritual laws, if we are being of service and know our life purpose etc. all impact our HEART and can show us as a heart chakra condition like SVT.

To help with this, carve out time to journal and create a daily spiritual practice whatever that means for you. For me, my spiritual practices include praying, working on trusting myself, trusting God, speaking to God and asking for guidance, journaling, working on my intuitive connection, serving God, being of service to others, working on self-love, self-compassion, self-healing, using the law of attraction, using spiritual tools like vision boards and vision journals, connecting with my higher self, creating rituals, learning how to hold space for myself, and doing deep childhood wounding healing work to understand my life lessons, why I choose those lessons and raising my awareness.


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