WHY do I have SVT?


One of the questions that I get asked all the time, (and that I used to ask myself over and over again), was WHY do I have SVT?


My experience with my own SVT suffering and healing journey, helps me to understand that SVT is a multi-layered condition (just like most health issues are) and that to figure out “WHY you have SVT,”  you have to view Supra-ventricular Tachycardia from a much more integrative perspective.


Understanding why you have SVT from an Integrative Perspective…

If you have SVT, then YES you have an accessory pathway present, but WHY do you have electrical mis-fires on some days vs. others? Why are you more susceptible to an SVT when you are stressed out, didn’t get enough sleep, are dehydrated or over-ate (and for women when you are menstruating)? WHY do so many people with SVT also have POTS, Anxiety, Adrenal fatigue, Digestive issues, or even Autoimmune diseases along with their SVT condition? These are the questions that I posed for myself, and found answers using an integrative perspective.

I do not personally believe that SVT is a stand alone condition, nor do I think that SVT is as “random” as traditional cardiology suggests, (which is also why I do not believe that pharmaceuticals are the solution for it.)

Therefore, to answer the question “WHY do I have SVT”, you simply must look for the root causes.

A root cause medicine approach, (the premise of integrative medicine) is an integrative or functional term that suggests that there are “factors/reasons” that contribute to why we are experiencing a health issue; and that we have to search deeply to find those causes to get to the real root of the problem to find lasting healing. It means treating the ROOT vs. the SYMPTOM. 

Root causes (and even triggers) can be thought of as the circumstances that can weaken your health or restore it depending on lifestyle choices, diet, emotional well-being, environment, and other influencers. They represent the vast and complex internal tapestry that requires our attention.

This is where the source of our illness and disharmony resides and where we also find opportunity to restore balance and rebuild health.

These are the key areas that impact your health and planted the seeds for your susceptibility to SVT, and are also the points of power of where you can exercise action steps to take back control of your health and destiny.

 The “CORE FOUR” is a term that I use to encompass 4 major areas to examine to find the root causes. The Core Four are central to the discussion about what you can tangibly do to help yourself. Once we understand our root causes and triggers, we can apply lifestyle changes, food and dietary changes, and many more healing modalities as the “remedies” to support ourselves. Once again, it is the combination of healing approaches that will serve to help us, and usually not just “one” thing that needs to be “fixed” to find lasting relief.

Below is a brief re-cap of the healing layers, as I see them,  that I embraced as part of my own Heal SVT Naturally Protocol and that I encourage you to do the same. It’s up to each of us to explore these topics further to find the ones that resonate with you. I have several resources to help take you further within each layer, such as e-guides, classes, and eventually a course, coming soon!

My role, is to share self-healing suggestions with the intention to empower you…to not only take the steps that feel comfortable for you to look at your own health circumstance from a more integrative perspective, but to realize that healing is a journey, and that there are many aspects that contributed to the rise of our health issues, and that many of them can be restored through shifts in our thinking, behavior, and dietary and lifestyle choices.

Part of the integrative approach is taking both action steps + responsibility to help yourself where you can, to do what is within your control. That is all we can do. I share ways to help people feel more empowered and do the essential self-healing work to facilitate the process.

Here are some of the areas that contributed to my SVT condition and along with some resources for each…

The Physical+ Nutritional Layer:  

The SVT-Gut Connection, which is a foundational component of my Heal SVT Naturally approach, is the belief that several key physical and nutritional components impact our propensity for SVT; Gut health, Inflammation and the vagus nerve. The physical and nutritional layer include things like depletion, hormone imbalance, inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, malabsorption of essential vitamins and minerals (which can stem from undiagnosed food sensitivities), overtaxed liver, high body burden, drained nervous system, and more.  In my case, my SVT was often accompanied by feeling exhausted, adrenal fatigue, headaches, constipation and digestive disturbances. One example of how using an Integrative perspective helped me connect my SVT to my Gut was that I could see that my SVT often occurred whenever I was constipated. If I did NOT have a bowel movement I was far more likely to have an SVT that day. While my Cardiologist found zero interest in that discovery, I USED that information to draw an important connection to the relationship between my gut health and my propensity for SVT.  I was then able to take steps to  improve my Diet, eat more fiber,  identify what was constipating me, address long standing emotional eating issues, and poor eating habits that stemmed from a lack of desire to take proper care of myself and more. I went to a health coach, performed a stool sample to identify food sensitivities, stopped eating white sugar and processed foods, went gluten (and sometimes) dairy free, increased greens and water and saw vast improvements! The impact that Diet and lifestyle changes had on my SVT was profound. I KNEW that this was just the tip of the iceberg and a under-researched avenue to help people manage their SVT and so I spent two years writing The SVT Prevention Diet, an e-guide to share this vast topic with you, along with how to use food, and your relationship to food and self care as a a supportive tool to assist you in your healing efforts. Learn more HERE

The Emotional Layer:

We all have emotional stressors both current and past.  Some of us have years of unresolved issues, childhood wounds, old grief, heartache and trauma. Trauma, especially unhealed childhood traumas, are part of why we develop a heart chakra condition such as SVT. The emotional layer of healing SVT involves being really honest about what issues are coming up for healing and to address those wounds with new perspective. The more we can do release work, learn to hold space for ourselves, develop self-love and compassion and dive in things like inner child healing, re-parenting, forgiveness work and more, the more we can develop the nurturing side of ourselves that is an essential piece of listening to our hearts and living a heart based life. Part of this, is deepening our relationship with our intuition so that we can not only listen to our hearts, but create a life we love that is build on following our true path and purpose.  I wrote a FREE e-guide called Journaling with your Intuition, to help people explore their relationship with their Intuition as part of the process, and also to encourage journaling as an amazing form of emotional release work. Learn more HERE

The other layers to explore include the energetic and spiritual which I will explore in an upcoming post. 

. Thank you for being here and for taking the time to read this!

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