5 Consistent Things That I do Every Day to Keep My SVT AWAY

Applying SVT Prevention is a full-time job, but effort that is well worth the reward!

Through the years, there have been several changes that I have made to my Diet and Lifestyle along with new habits I developed that help me to keep me SVT free. These are the the consistent things that I do every day to keep my SVT away!

These are not things that I do once in a while or did for a few months and then stopped. Today I am sharing with you the things that have been a consistent part of my everyday daily life for over 7 years now. They are 5 of the things that I believe have had the most impact on my continued health and SVT FREEDOM.

The following are 5 lifestyle changes that I made or incorporated at the beginning of my Heal SVT Naturally journey that stuck due to the improvements they made on my overall health and of course, helping me to stay SVT FREE.

  1. I make a smoothie every single day. Changing what you eat for breakfast is essential to setting you up for a successful day of SVT prevention. Smoothies are my breakfast of choice and the first food that I feed my body each day. My smoothies are loaded with nutrition and energy and set me up for a day of reduced sugar cravings, along with motivation to stay on track. I add bananas for potassium, cherries which help to balance hormones and assist our bodies to rid ourselves of excess estrogen. I add baby organic spinach, blueberries, almonds or walnuts or almond butter, coconut water and or almond milk, hemp seeds, honey, and green powders like Spirulina and Green Vibrance. Smoothies help you to move your bowels, feed your body and blood a high dose of nutrients first thing in the morning, and start you off with a gluten free protein dense breakfast. Read this article here on How to make an SVT Prevention Smoothie.


  1. I take Cal Mag Citrate.There are many excellent forms and brands of magnesium out there. This is the one that has been working well for me for years. I take one scoop in one glass of water every day in addition to all my other water that I drink all day. I use this Brand called Cal Mag Citrate by Throne HERE. This supplement has been a staple for me, especially in my early days when I was battling chronic SVT related anxiety. This is my go to anytime I’m feeling “off”, hot, or when you feel like an SVT is on the horizon. Also very helpful for when your nerves are shot, when you had a stressful conversation or when you know you are going into a stressful environment.

3. I Journal. I always liked to journal, but I learned that tuning in to my Intuition is a necessary part of listening to my heart, which is an essential part of SVT Prevention! Since SVT is a heart chakra issue, we want to address the emotional issues that are associated. Journaling is a FREE and fast way to gain inner wisdom on so many areas of life. Journaling helps you to make decisions, get in touch with your feelings, find clarity, and release thoughts and emotions that may be overwhelming you.  If you are interested in journaling or specifically learning to journal to deepen your connection to your intuition, then I have a FREE gift for you!  Check out my Journaling with your Intuition download HERE. It’s FREE;) And stay tuned for my new journal collection and Vision Journal kits that I am working on. They are coming very soon!  (I’ll be sure to let you know when those are ready…)


  1. I went Gluten-Free. Removing gluten made a massive positive impact on my health, my SVT, my mental health, my bowels, my gut health, my energy levels and so much more. I finally took the plunge (after much resistance) after learning that I had a gluten sensitivity (via a stool sample). Becoming gluten-free helped me to heal my gut and begin to ABSORB all of my minerals and nutrients necessary for healthy heart rhythm function. Depletion and Malabsorption are root causes of SVT. I also beleive that many people with SVT have an undiagnosed gluten intolerance. I spent all of 2018 writing what is now my main resource for anyone interested in using FOOD as a TOOL to help you manage SVT . THE SVT PREVENTION Diet E-guide, is a  200 page digital download to help you learn how to use food and diet to prevent SVT. It explains the basics of nutrition, how a high body burden is exacerbating your SVT, what to eat for SVT prevention and what to avoid, and how to use Dietary self-care for SVT prevention and so much more. Additionally, since gluten is such an important topic I wrote a more specific guide to support you in understanding the SVT-Gluten connection, called SVT & Gluten Free. This much shorter guide (45 pages) is my follow up guide to The SVT Prevention Diet. It gives detailed specific guidance on how to transition to a Gluten Free Diet.


  1. I stopped eating all processed white sugar. Sugar is not good for us;( Especially because most of us (and even our children), are consuming LOADS of it!  Sugar robs our body of essential minerals like magnesium just to digest it!  It’s important to learn the difference between natural sugar and processed sugar, which another topic I cover in The SVT Prevention Diet. You can have natural sugar in moderation and learning this distinction is vital to your SVT freedom. Changing my daily habits of consuming English muffins, bagged cookies, sugar for breakfast, etc was a major part of ridding myself of SVT. If you have a sugar addiction (and who doesn’t??), it’s important to learn how to turn this addiction around. Some of the things you can do right away is consume much more water, add in healthy fats with your protein and fiber and learn how to bake your own healthy sweet naturally gluten free treats. (Check out my tahini cookies, and healthy chocolate chip cookies that I post on my Instagram account HERE).

I hope these 5 lifestyle changes inspire you, they have truly been life changing for me!

It’s about 9 years now that I took control of my health using food as one of my tools and I love to share my tips with other people who are struggling with SVT and related issues. If you are interested in working with me as your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, to help you make lifelong lasting changes to your Diet and Lifestyle, then stay tuned because I am working on launching my first ever Heal SVT Naturally Integrative Nutrition Coaching Membership. This will be a very affordable and interactive way to receive SVT support and the perfect opportunity to work with a qualified Health Coach and Board Certified Coach if you have been considering doing so. Details to follow this summer!

What are some of the consistent things that you do that you feel are helping you to keep your SVT away? Comment below;)


Laura Madrigano

Your SVT Prevention Coach

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