SVT + Gluten Free

cropped-chef-rasberry.jpgNourish your Body with healthy, naturally gluten free foods….

Being Gluten Free is just one of the many ways I try to nourish my body at this stage of my life.

After years of unexplained health issues, I finally took the advice of my holistic nutritionist and tested for my food allergies and sensitivities.

July 188I had a lifetime of headaches, anxiety, childhood stomach aches, stomach cramping after a meal, constipation or loose stools, and experienced supraventricular tachycardia (Yikes!).

The results of my stool sample in 2011 scared me and shocked me…I found out I am gluten intolerant, and I also carry both genes that could mean a severe gluten allergy. I was reacting to several other foods also like meat, certain nuts, dairy etc…

This information allowed me to change my outlook on my health, and how I needed to nourish myself if I wanted to heal my SVT and other health issues and live a vibrant, happy healthy life for myself and my family.

1-foodIn hindsight, I was totally and completely addicted to gluten. I loved bread, pasta, focaccia, cereal, cookies, you name it, I loved it. I am Italian and grew up eating rigatoni and meatballs every Sunday.

The thought of never eating a pizza again was beyond depressing and truthfully I didn’t think it was possible. BUT the icing on the cake (no pun intended) was when I had an SVT the morning after I ate a cheese steak sandwich. I woke up with an actual hangover. My eyes were swollen, head foggy and of course, didn’t have a bowel movement…what else was new….A few hours later I bent over, (the usual position to trigger an SVT), and boom, heart rate was 265 for 45 minutes and straight to the ER.

I innately and spiritually knew that the food we eat has everything to do with our I finally got scared enough to make a change. I have long loved my veggies, but I swayed from eating yummy nuturing foods to needing my fill of sugar, dorito’s, and other old comfort foods. Not to mention the ongoing issue of being too tired or too busy to cook sometimes and grabbing whatever was “easy” (which usually meant something with white flour in it)

After I received the results of my stool sample (that you can do yourself by the way through the reputable,I learned of the sad state of my intestinal track and was finally pointed in the direction that I needed to go in. I guess when you see it on paper it becomes more believable. The reason a stool sample can be so motivating, is because it tells you specifics to YOUR EXACT body. It gives precise information about what’s BEEN going on in your intestional track. Then you know EXCATLY how to respond without guessing anymore!

So, what’s a girl to do with all this new information….well I guess I was overwhelmed, and upset, but also committed and curious…Would removing my food allergens really impact my health in the positive way I hoped for?

The answer is YES…yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!!!!! (At the time I originally wrote this..).I have been Gluten free for 17 months (2.5 years) and have reduced my headaches by 90%. I didn’t have an SVT for over a year and one little tiny one that barely got started after I ate gluten by accident….I have never had stomach cramping again, and my stools…well lets just say Im a new woman. I have beautiful healthy bowel movements every day. Not constipated, not loose. and bonus…I lost weight. Weight I haven’t been able or motivated to loose in years.

(Edit 2014…I ASLO, just had my second child. After not conceiving a child for 5 years after my first son, I got pregnant at age 42 naturally. I had a healthy baby boy and while gluten and fertility was NOT on my radar…I do look back and wonder if my LACK of conceiving and gluten intolerance was relevant. ,,more on this topic in my blog)

July 171…and here’s the best thing of all that has changed…after eliminating gluten, giving my gut time to heal, and beginning to absorb nutrients maybe for the first time ever…I actually feel satisfied after I eat. My endless, insatiable desire for cookies, more pasta, more cheese, and more sugary snacks has decreased drastically.

I slowly changed my body, one conscious, spiritual meal at a time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…changing is a slow process that starts with small choices we make all day long.

I say to anyone who has ANY health issue…that the first place to look is at your allergens…something you are eating is probably making you sick and your body may not be able to function while it’s on overload of toxins….

I am proud of the changes I’ve made to my diet and love nourishing myself now. I have learned to make such delicious health treats for myself that are so good you almost can’t call them a cookie. I paid attention to my cravings instead of denying them and make things to satisfy and nourish them instead of stuffing them with things that cause damage. If you are obsessed with chocolate chip cookies like me, then don’t think not eating them is the solution…learn how to make them gluten-free with ground flax, and coconut flakes, and carob and cranberries….YUM!!!!! (I will post my famous recipe very soon!!!)

July 191Nourishing your body is a massive component to living a healthy happy life….I hope my story inspires you to start giving yourself what you crave whatever it may be!  Eating + spirituality go hand in hand and when you get committed to loving yourself to a healthier lifestyle,your body will reward you for all your efforts!!!

I love cooking at home now and have a lot of tricks for when I’m tired and not in the mood. I also have a 5-year-old and know how hard it can be to cook for kids and the whole family! Healthy food that doesn’t mean denying yourself anything or being miserable…just learning how to make things with new ingredients that serve you instead of clog you up and deplete you!

I love posting naturally gluten free recipes that are not fancy or not trying to make it into a cookbook…just real food that busy moms can make and live on that meet the criteria of kids, and hubbys and of course my own desire for healthy delicious, comforting food