The Heal SVT Naturally Approach: A New Way To Empower Yourself Through Your Journey of Healing E-guide, 85 page Digital download available immediately

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Are you ready for a WHOLE NEW WAY to Navigate your Supraventricular Tachycardia? Open Your Mind, Become Self-Empowered and Discover New ways to Manage Your SVT.

Whether you were recently diagnosed with SVT, or have suffered with it for years, you likely feel discouraged and concerned about your ability to manage your condition and wish that there were more treatment options available for you other then medication or ablation.

If you are interested in a WHOLE New Approach to SVT that could not only free you from episodes but also the worry, fear and restrictions that come along with SVT, then you are in the right place!

In this guide, I explain all of the BASICS about Healing SVT naturally. 

Here is what you will learn in this e-guide:

  1.  It introduces you to a completely different version of understanding and managing SVT
  2. The main differences between traditional cardiology and an integrative approach to SVT.
  3. A New View of SVT: how to reframe your SVT as the first of many steps to create positive changes in your health.
  4. Mental Mangement of SVT
  5. The Heal SVT Naturally Approach: Concepts and Practical Steps: the central concepts of my integrative approach to SVT and how to apply them.
  6. The Heal SVT Naturally Healing Spectrum: (Episode Empowerment, Identify Your SVT Triggers, The Core Four Healing Layers, Integration, Long-Term Prevention)
  7. Episode Empowerment: action steps to help you during episodes.
  8. How to identify and mitigate your SVT Triggers.
  9. The CORE FOUR Healing Layers: the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic causes of SVT and direction you can take within each layer to find relief.
  10. Integration: process and apply all of the new views and actions steps into your life.
  11. Long-Term Prevention as a way of life for SVT management.
  12. The Work of Being Well: your next steps in the journey and other resources to support you.

This guide shares everything that I wish I knew at the beginning of my SVT journey, and is a must read if you are first considering taking an alternative, WHOLE body approach to healing.  There is no other resource like this anywhere in the world!

If you are suffering, there is hope! 

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REVIEW-“Thank you so much for your guide I received it from you and your email provider. It’s wow, wow, wow! Worth waiting for. Need to spend time slowly taking it all in and applying it to my life. Really pleased.”

REVIEW-“It’s a job very well done and a God send to fellow SVT sufferers looking for alternative help and care for a frightening condition. I’m on the Beta-blockers but turned down an Ablasion. I want to embrace a natural approach to SVT.”-Jan 2nd 2018

REVIEW August 16th 2017: Laura’s, Indispensable Guide to Navigating SVT, is the most comprehensive information on SVT to date..not just managing it, but truly healing it..One of the things that stands out to me is perseverance, not giving up…this is the number one informative and loving guides that I have ever seen…what a blessing to overall health… this review comes after reading and rereading the invaluable contents and having been a life changed as a result of her freely shared knowledge. Thank you Laura Madrigano

REVIEW Sept 25 2017 :Just read your latest guide to navigating SVT…it is thorough and covers everything. I have also discovered a lot of what you are saying and now have to learn to put it into practice and have it then become my new lifestyle….I was diagnosed in June of this year and have been in denial to want to change my lifestyle. But lately have realized the folly of that. This guide was so helpful! I have ordered your book on diet. Thank you for doing what you do….so much more helpful than my GP.  Take care and thanks again! You did a great job with this guide. I thank God for your reaching out to help others.- G.K.-Canada

REVIEW I love your work and resonate with all of your advice and suggestions. You’ve done an awesome job and your e-book is quite beautiful.


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