SVT Class-Exploring Masculine & Feminine Energy for SVT Healing


You’re invited to join me in an on-line live Zoom class about Exploring Masculine & Feminine Energy for SVT Healing- The Energetic layer to SVT

There are layers as to why we have SVT including the Physical + Nutritional layer and also the Emotional, Energetic and even Spiritual layer. This class will explore what masculine and feminine is, the difference between masculine and feminine energetic qualities,  and how these energies are playing out through different behaviors and thought patterns in our lives; resulting in either driving our SVT or nurturing our ability to heal.

My intention is always to help people learn methods to self-heal and become empowered;)

Here’s is what you will learn in my upcoming class:

  • The qualities of masculine and feminine energy
  • What unhealthy masculine energy is and how forcing yourself, constantly driving yourself and more contributes to your SVT
  • Why SVT does not respond well when we PUSH ourselves
  • What feminine energy is and why it’s considered the HEALING energy
  • How to nurture fear, what is the fear voice, and learn to listen to our heart voice instead
  • How feminine energy helps you connect with your heart’s true essence and create more healing practices in your life.
  • What Feminine Healing practices are and which ones benefit SVT
  • How to raise your heart vibration
  • Guided Journaling Questions
  • and more

This class comes with a PDF guide and workbook for your reference including guided journaling and affirmations.

This class is hosted on ZOOM. Aprox 1.5 hours including Q + A and hopefully some time for a little guided journaling!

Once you register, you will receive a zoom link via email the morning of class, along with the PDF guide/workbook.

If you cannot make the live class, a recording will be emailed to you afterwards. You can submit your questions beforehand if you can’t make the live class or during if you are able to make it live.

Thank you! Hope to see you in class!



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