I read a lot of accelerated heart and SVT stories every day. Through the blog, comments, personal emails and now the incredible facebook group, I hear a lot of people struggling with whether or not they should get ablation. The decision, just like SVT, has layers.

man cloudsAblation is not something that you can avoid without making diet and lifestyle changes to really try to prevent and avoid SVT. Maybe this simple and complex truth is layer one to study while weighing your decision.

Wanting your SVT to go away, feeling like a victim, and being afraid of the surgery, is not enough to help you avoid ablation. You really have to feel ready and willing to look at your health and the way you live and care for yourself in a whole new way. This evaluation needs to be done with truthful eyes, sensing your willing to change, and determination to heal.

For anyone who is trying to avoid ablation, I’m going to give it to you straight…Unless and until you totally do everything within your power to take control of your health, you are not going to prevent your SVT’s from happening, nor feel in control of your heart’s tendency to accelerate.

Preventing accelerated heart issues has many layers. I like to say at least three.

  1. Physical layers: Food, digestion, food allergies, supplements, minerals, bowel movemetns, our weight, physical exercise, overeating, and more.
  2. It has emotional layers: Stress, Emotions, Unhealed wounds from the past, anxiety, self-care habits, daily routines, the way we process anger and our desire to nurture and nourish ourselves and more.
  3. Energetic & Spiritual layers: The willingness to look at what your SVT is trying to tell you. Connecting the dots between your Body, Mind and Spirit. Looking at your intuition, listening to our bodies, tapping into joy, your life purpose, happiness, and living your truth.

SVT is an opportunity to view your body, mind and spirit as a WHOLE unit. To AVOID ablation you really have to WANT to take control of your health and your life. This is my main message that is not always easy to hear….SVT is here to teach you something…maybe you have not been taking care of yourself, maybe you eat too much sugar, maybe you smoke, maybe you hate your job, maybe your house is cluttered, maybe you are in debt, maybe your sad, maybe you just lost someone you love or are still grieving loss from a long time ago, maybe you cant let go, or anger easily, or are controlling…maybe you have disorderly eating, maybe you used to binge and purge, maybe you have a food allergy…the list goes on.

Your accelerated heart is just where your body is showing you signs of a deeper imbalance.  An imbalance that is begging you to pay attention to it and to do something about it..to listen to it!  Your proneness to SVT is like someone else being prone to an injury in the same area over and over..its your weak spot, your Achilles heel. Accelerated heart is YOUR Achilles heel…(and mine)

Your choice to ablate or not, is not going to address of those underlying layers that I mentioned. Having ablation and still eating a poor diet, will only leave you with another heath issue on the horizon.

Oprah always says the Universe whispers, and believe it or not, your SVT is your friend.

It is here to alarm you that something in your life is not right and your heart is begging you for your attention to it. To listen to it, to be willing to change, to be willing to love yourself and care for your health and potential to live a healed and amazing life. You can start to try to “fix” it in any of the 3 layers I mentioned. The important step is just to begin. No judgement, no blame, no being mad at ourselves, just love yourself wherever you are at in the process.

So, in order to “decide” if ablation is the right choice for you, I would first measure your willingness to address and dive into the layers. Your answer will reveal itself in that truthful look within.

So for you lovely precious accelerated friends, I would like to ask, are you really doing everything in your power and control to love and take care of yourself? That is ultimately what I am here for…to help you see the bigger message of SVT. What is your SVT trying to teach you?

Everyone needs support and I LOVE supporting people to LOVE and CARE for themselves! When we do that, our lives are incredible and we can connect with our deepest purposes in life! But it starts with taking tiny baby steps to eat right and love ourselves the best way we can. I LOVE you guys, and I advocate for your best health ever. If ablation is what you choose, it’s your choice, but I wouln’t be doing my job if I didn’t help you at least look at the whole picture when making such an important decision.  Below are some questions to journal about on the topic…Thank you for allowing me into your hearts! Xoxo Laura

  1. Do I believe that my SVT is a Body, Mind Spirit issue?
  2. Am I happy with my current diet?
  3. Do I KNOW that I could be eating much healthier than I currently am?
  4. Do I have a beautiful easy bowel movement every morning?
  5. Am I drinking 8 full glasses of water every day?
  6. Do I LOVE green juice and make sure to include it in my diet every day or every other day?
  7. Do I have a clear purpose in my life right now?
  8. Do I feel joy on a daily basis?
  9. Do I take time to nourish my spirit ?
  10. Do I journal, walk, swim, enjoy nature?
  11. Have I ever asked my SVT what it is here to teach me?
  12. How do I listen to or ignore my heart?

Last but not least, for anyone who is struggling and feels ready to take charge of their health and take control of their accelerate heart, I am an SVT coach. Please feel free to call on me. I offer a free 30 minute call. After that I charge $125.00 per session. I also offer an SVT coaching package for anyone that knows that they need more than one session on their journey. We talk via skype and I will help you no matter where you are at in your journey. Ready to begin? Set up your FREE 30 minutes HERE.