Adrenal Fatigue

adrenal fatigueIf you are experiencing SVT’s then you may also have  Adrenal Fatigue. You do not have to have adrenal fatigue to have SVT but if you do have it your SVT episodes may be more frequent.

One of the best resources that I have found so far to read about Adrenal Fatigue in depth is:

Adrenal fatigue is the root of many aliments and SVT is definitely one of them. As you track your SVT onset symptoms and activities before an episode, chances are you were tired, exhausted, didn’t eat properly (ate something you are allergic to), dehydrated, stressed, worried, angry etc…If your adrenals were in full function, some of these triggers may not have tripped off an electrical mis-fire. When the adrenals are fatigued you are at risk….

like-usAdrenal Fatigue happens for many reasons. In my own personal story I can now see how I pushed myself for years, not realizing the effects it would have on my body in the future. I am a prime example of someone who was a workaholic, someone who took advantage of my body’s limits. The types of behaviors that contribute to adrenal fatigue are:

  • Working late
  • Pushing yourself day after day
  • Constantly pushing yourself beyond your limit
  • Not listening to your body…hungry, cravings, tired, rest, expressing feelings, etc
  • Staying up too late
  • Eating at night
  • Eating too much in one sitting
  • Not being in a good sleep routine
  • Being worried about the SAME issue for too long
  • Living in a state of “unresolve”
  • Messes around your home
  • Unfinished business
  • Inability to let go
  • Eating Sugar
  • Having a diet that is mainly carbs, wheat and sugar
  • being frustrated about the same issues for too long (hmm…I said that already!!! LOL, better resolve that lingering issue!!!)
  • not drinking enough water
  • being depleted….
  • being physically, emotionally, and nutritionally depleted!!!
  • and more

All the above things and many more behaviors can and will tax our adrenals. and sadly once they are gone, it’s very hard to build them up again. So like everything, prevention is the best practice….BUT, if you are like me and many others and you did push yourself to the point of adrenal exhaustion there are answers and ways to nourish your adrenals….

Here are some of the things that have worked for me:

  • Acupuncture &  chinese herbs
  • Changing your diet by identifying your food sensitivities and eliminating them!
  • Taking good quality Adrenal Support supplements advised by my naturopath (Rhodolia Root)
  • Following (some) the advice of Dr. Marcelle Pick and eating to support my adrenals ( I don’t currently eat meat or dairy) but her protein based diet, and other guidelines are important. ((UPDATE…I eat meat currently…very infrequently…but I did add it back into my diet…Listen to YOUR body!)
  • Reading every article on related to adrenal support
  • Reading the Schwartzberian principal
  • Eating protein at every meal
  • Eliminating Wheat/Gluten  from my diet completely
  • Eating for your Bloodtype
  • Drastically reducing sugar from my diet. DRASTICALLY!!!! no white sugar at all…hello honey…
  • Never eating sugar as a “food”.  only occasionally as a small snack…and it should NEVER be white sugar.
  • Learning how to make my favorite chocolate chip cookies that I could not live without…wayyyy healthier…with brown rice flour instead of whole wheat flour..using GF rolled oats, switching sugar for maple syrup or lankato etc.
  • Drinking the right amount of water for your body…LOTS…figure out whats best for you and do it EVERY DAY.
  • Make sure one glass of water has a scoop of GREEN VIBRANCE in it.. Every day!!!!…get used to it…its YOUR FRIEND!!!!
  • Getting my blood work done and having several Natropaths,&  Dr.’s analyze the results
  • Taking the BEST prebiotic and probiotic you can get your hands on. I LIVE FOR PROBIOTICS. they are a CURE ALL FOR everything.
  • Adding high quality supplements to my diet like magnesium, Ubiqinol, Fish Oil, adrenal support, D3, B,
  • Only eating organic hormone free Meat, and cheese (if you eat those things)
  • eating ORGANIC Dairy (If you are going to eat anything organic…make it DAIRY!!!)…do you hear what I am saying??? If you have a choice or organic broccoli or organic dary..what do you pick?? ORGANIC DAIRY is the answer…I will repeat…DO NOT eat cracked up, jacked up , gross, processed non organic dairy and cheese…those poor cows…Im sorry!!! Do you have any idea how much garbage is injected to those poor creatures…If you want cheese, go get some crazy expensive, local, organic goat cheese and make a omelette if you eat eggs (organic eggs!). Lay off the american cheese slices…get my drift??? Think cheese, once in a while, and the high quality kind, not for breakfast, lunch and dinner….ok, I think I made my point….
  • When you are tired…STOP what you are doing and honor yourself, close your eyes for 5, take a cat nap, be kind to yourself…REST!!!! you deserve it!!!
  • Rest more, work less!
  • work less

There are many ways to support the adrenals and I will continue to add more ideas here….and blog about my findings! Good Luck!

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