It’s been a long time since I created a new offering for our Heal SVT Naturally community. There are so many reasons as to why, some of which have been that last year I had c o v i d and had a very long recovery. Also, for the last 2 years, I have been going very deep into my own spiritual, emotional, and energetic healing. I have dealt with the buried grief of losing my younger brother when he was 4 years old, my parents’ divorce, loss of home, family life, abuse, neglect, along with the surprising amount of fear that came up for me while I had the virus, and the shocking death of my dear friend and editor Sharon. Some of these wounds, (that I call our sacred heart wounds), came up in deep and powerful ways and required my full presence to allow them to do so. As such, I just didn’t have the energy to hold space for the collective healing of others because it was essential that I first hold the healing space that I needed for myself.  Aside from offering some 1:1 coaching, I have been rather quiet.


However, I am ready to share again and feel called to share something powerful that I have been learning about and applying to my own life for almost 5 years now. This topic, is the importance of learning about masculine and feminine energy and about what those energies are, their distinct qualities and characteristics, and how they are both contributing to your SVT either by propelling it, or calming it.


I believe that I developed coping strategies at a very early age to help me with the trauma, pain and suffering that I felt. Much of those coping strategies involved burying my vulnerable, powerful, feminine energy and instead using force, drive, pushing myself and a complete disconnect from the nurturing softer side of myself. I didn’t realize that I was doing this. I was just going through life neglecting myself, ignoring my needs, disconnected from my heart’s desires, pushing myself, burning out my adrenals, and re-creating the same circumstances over and over again because I didn’t understand how my unhealed self was running the show. These energies and patterns are part of what some call “unhealthy masculine energy”. Things like FEAR and FORCE are part of the unhealthy masculine in general and learning about how to use feminine energy such as receiving, allowing, intuition, and heart power become essential ingredients for balancing these energies and being able to call on them to help us heal and counterbalance the energy contributing to our SVT.


It’s not just childhood wounding and coping strategies that contribute to the overabundance of unhealthy masculine energy that people take on, but we live in a masculine energy dominant world. Sadly, we can see just how much unhealed wounding is playing out in the world today with the FEAR, AGGRESSION, and FORCE that is surrounding us. (All of which also contributes to a collective, HEAVY low vibrational energy on all our hearts and has for a long time). Remember, our heart has an electromagnetic field that absorbs the energy around us.


Understanding what feminine energy is, is a FOUNDATIONAL piece of any HEALING work and is especially essential for people with a heart chakra issue like SVT, to learn how to sort out, cleanse, release and protect our precious energy.

I am hosting a class on Tuesday March 22nd at 11:00am EST to share everything that I have learned about masculine and feminine energy, including the characteristics of both, the unhealthy versions of each, how to recognize how they are playing out in our lives, and how to bring more feminine healing energy into our daily lives to help us sooth our SVT triggers and episodes.


I’d like to think that learning about how to use feminine energy to connect with your healing, is the pre-requisite to diving deeper into the emotional healing work, childhood wounding work, re-parenting, self-care, self-compassion, and self-love, that are all cornerstones of healing our heart energy.


If you are interested in learning more about this important topic, and having this discussion with me, then I invite you to join me on Tuesday for a live ZOOM meeting. If you cannot make the live call, a recording will be emailed to you afterwards. You can submit questions prior to or during class. I also created an informative PDF workbook for you that will be helpful for your reference.


This class is the first in a lineup of classes that I will be offering this year, including many other self-healing topics such as journaling classes, inner child healing classes, what re-parenting is and more. All of these classes are being created with the intention to empower you and help you learn to self-heal and re-connect with your heart’s true essence.


There is so much more to healing our physical ailments than changing our diet. While I do believe that nutritional healing is essential to calm SVT, it’s time to take this further and discuss how our childhood wounding, our life lessons and agreements, our spiritual purpose, our emotions, our traumas from the past, our limiting beliefs, our energetic patterns and our thoughts are contributing as well. This class will be foundational for anyone interested into learning more about these topics. It was ground breaking for me to be able to identify how my patterns were inherently masculine and how much I needed to invite in and engage in feminine energy and practices to help calm and reduce my SVT.


I hope you will join me for class. Details here


Sending you all so much love and healing. Thank you for reading.