Priority-“a thing that is regarded as more important than another.”

If you find yourself feeling frustrated about not having enough time in the day to do what YOU want to do, or if you feel trapped under a long list of things you “have to do”, it’s time to check in with your priorities. Feeling bogged down, as though you never have enough time for yourself, is not good for your heart energy. Heart healing energy should feel expansive, with ample time and space to do what feels enjoyable and nourishing for YOU.

Frustration is a lower vibrational energy and can come from old habits of putting other people first, saying yes to things you’d rather say no to and not developing the skills you need set boundaries, to make yourself (and your healing) a PRIORITY!

Its time to show your heart that you care about it and want to make room for it to feel expansive and free by taking time out to think about and redefine your heart centered priorities…

A Heart Centered Priority feels like a “want to”, not a “have to”. It’s something that you intuitively know is beneficial for you and that you love. Examples of a heart centered priority for me is to have plenty of time alone. I simply need time alone to write, rest, read, think , stretch, walk, create and restore my soul. This means that I have schedule in lots of alone time. It means getting good at politely saying no to things so that I can hold my heart centered priority of “alone time” as IMPORTANT! (remember a priority is something regarded as more important than something else).

Further, since CLARITY is one of the most important ingredients in manifesting health, identifying your heart centered priorities is an exercise in gaining clarity for what we need in order to feel healing energy.  And…helping you learn how to learn how to manifest your own health is another one of my personal priorities. In fact, teaching others how to use self-healing tools is one of my life purposes. Knowing your purpose will also help you create your priorities. They all are interconnected.

Taking time every 6 months or so, to think about this and re-define what’s important to you, is an exercise in tuning in to what you need, which is another way we show ourselves self-love and care. Self-care is one of the remedies for SVT.

Here are a few journaling prompts to help you think about and re-define your priorities…

  • What is important to me right now?
  • What do I want? 
  • What do I truly love to do each day?
  • Do I make time to do what I love?
  • What feels nourishing for my heart and soul?
  • What is taking up my precious time that I don’t want to do or that I resent
  • What do I feel drained by?
  • What do I wish I didn’t have to do anymore?
  • What is one step that I can take to free myself from something that I don’t want to do anymore.
  • How can I create my day so that it feels in rhythm with my hearts desires? 
  • How can I show myself loving self-care today and every day? 

After your done journaling with this Q +A, go back with a highlighter and highlight anything that stands out to you. Consider extracting any important messages and putting them on a small index card or sheet of paper (or mini vision board) where you can hang it on a bathroom wall reminding you about your heart centered desires and priorities each time you look at it. 

Manifesting health or time or more of what you want or love is within your control. It starts by taking time to do healing exercises to get in touch with your hearts desires and then taking action by posting them up somewhere for you to see and remember them as much as possible.

Here are some Affirmations to help you allow yourself to feel free to create your own heart centered priorities:

  • I am free from my past restrictions
  • I create space for the things that feed my soul
  • I feel empowered
  • I design the perfect schedule for myself. 

Hope you enjoyed this reminder to take good care of your heart and make space for the things you hold dear.

xo Laura