We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep especially for SVT prevention…yet so many of us are sleep deprived…

Today I have a tip for you to help you sleep better!


I’m sure by now you have heard a ton about Marie Kondo and the magic of tidying up! The concept of decluttering for health benefits is not new, and this little story explains how both the mental clarity you gain from decluttering combined with benefits of doing the physical labor it requires, promote better SLEEP! 

I have been on a major mission to clear out the clutter from my house. Years of working as a Fashion Designer has left me with countless bins of trims, fabric, and other design studio accessories that filled my mental and physical space for years.

Having 2 young boys on top of that has also filled my small home with toys, all the missing pieces from those toys, excess toys, and more toys;)!!!

Generous family members overbuy, the Holidays and Birthdays leave us with even more “stuff” and the amount of clutter packed into my home was making me feel stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed and guilty. AND it starting impacting my sleep! To be honest if SVT prevention wasn’t my full time job, I probably would have been having heart palpitations too;)

All of this reminded me of when I used to live at my hubby’s farm. That was when my SVT was the WORST and not coincidentally, I used to feel beyond overwhelmed by all their stuff. Funny how someones else’s “stuff” is EVEN WORSE than your own. The truth is that our physical space definitely represents our mental space.

so, I recently decided to sort through it and cleared out more than 30 bins and bags of “stuff”.

I’ve carried them up from basement, moved furniture, emptied my garage, donated huge bags of things and rearranged rooms.

I did the actual PHYSICAL LABOR, for hours at a time, every day in my home (in addition to the mental labor)I

I have been moving my body in weird ways to climb into my attic, I have been lifting, bending, sorting and throwing. I have worked for hours at a time. I remembered what it felt like to be physically tired (not just mentally tired) by the end of the day! Do you remember what that feels like? 

The results….

  • I have not woken up ONCE throughout the night for DAYSSSSS!!!!

  • I wake up with energy to do it all again!

I think sometimes we forget just how tiring physical labor is for our bodies! So, if you are not sleeping well, and have connected your LACK of SLEEP to increased SVT, then these Ideas to help you get physically tired + CLEAR Clutter:

  • A good clearing out of the garage or basement. At your own pace or with help, but majorly getting rid of all the material things that you no longer need or that you think someone else might need more than you.
  • My favorite tip for clutter clearing: Have a specific person in mind to give the items to as you are clearing. When you know the person or family or people, and keep them in mind, (especially if you know that they need it… it makes parting with your items a lot easier !)
  • Rearranging your rooms is another great way to get in some physical labor. Been wanting to change things around?  Gently move or slide furniture around, clear things off shelves, part with excess clutter or accessories, tape up boxes and carry the boxes into the garage for donation. This is all work that will tire you out! Plus your room gets a makeover. Im a big fan of moving things around in general because it creates new energy.
  • Sort through books, magazines, and old energy sucking paperwork .Do you have a “junk mail” pile? Go thru it! Fill those garbage bags and boxes with old unnecessary paper and then haul them out or burn them in your fireplace. I love to keep my old books, but maybe you can give half away and just keep the ones that you really love.
  • Paint a wall or a piece of furniture. It’s great exercise to sand or refinish something. Remember how tired the karate kid was when he had to “Wax on Wax off?”.
  • Clearing out an attic, buying bins, organizing old memorabilia, labeling bins and throwing more bags of “stuff” away!
  • Sorting the kitchen, getting rid of old pots and pans or gadgets you don’t use, Re-evualate and clear your kitchen space, Eating clean starts with a clean and organized kitchen. Fill those boxes and carry them outside! A clean and clear kitchen inspires you to eat better, or enjoy cooking more.

Clearing clutter around the house has countless benefits,  and a tired physical body is one of them! 

I hope that you feel inspired to clutter clear for the sake of both the freedom you will feel from lightening your load, and the good sleep that being physically tired provides!

xo Laura,

Your SVT Coach

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