Healing SVT Naturally is a journey…

I am not perfect. Far from it. I sometimes fall off the bandwagon, go too many days in between stretching, eat too many gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and have a bag of chips (albeit lentil chips). But here’s my secret… I always come back to my commitment to my health.

I have created a foundation for myself that makes it easy to come home to. What do I mean by this?

Well…my pantry is stocked with all the right staples. I always have what I need on hand. I have all the gluten free grains I need to make nearly any recipe at all times…I stock brown rice, qunioa, chick pea shells, brown rice pasta, I have an assortment of beans at all times, I always have frozen cherries and blueberries on hand along with all my smoothie ingredients. I have gluten free flours, rice flour, almond meal, coconut oil and anything I need to bake a sweet treat at a moment’s notice. I always have garlic and onions as they are the foundation for nearly everything I make on the stovetop. I have gluten free bread in the freezer and corn tortillas in case I want to do Mexican instead of Italina. I have what I need 95% of the time. I am PREPARED! (and p.s. this didn’t happen overnight. Lots of trial and error, testing brands, and ultimately creating an excel spreadsheet for my shopping list)


It also means that I have my self-care supplies handy like my yoga matt, candles, my rock salt lamp, cookbooks handy, recipe books, my self-care cards, and of course, and my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Im prepared for ultimate self-care also 95% of the time.


My life is set up so that my default is health. Everytime I fall off the bandwagon, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I just come back to my foundation of how I set my life up.


Every day is a new chance to begin again. Every night, we go to sleep, and tomorrow we can make new choices, better choices.


We can remember to prepare our overnight oats, or lay out our water, or take our greens. Every bite is a new chance to begin again. Every day is  a new chance to be prepared, make time for what we need and want, and design a life that mirrors our priorities.


Is your life designed with health as the foundation? What and who can you surround yourself with so that health is your default?


Happy Holidays!



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Love Laura

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