Food Tracking for SVT Prevention

Are you food tracking? The purpose of food tracking is to use it as a tool to help capture clues to analyze to see what may be contributing to your SVT.

The Food Tracker has columns for bowel movements, supplements, food etc…and is a simple document that you can print out and fill in to help you track everything you are eating and doing, so that later you can reflect on it and try to find clues that may have contributed to your SVT’s.  (You can find the food tracker on the side bar of the blog, it is in a pink and turquoise box that says FOOD TRACKER download.)

If you are having SVT’s currently then consider downloading it and using it as a tool to help you….Its totally free and I created it as a support tool. Sometimes it takes more than the obvious to help us figure out what is contributing to our SVT…maybe something that is not as obvious as gluten is a trigger for you…the food tracker can help you put the clues together and read in between the lines….Also, I love a good mystery, so if you really want help analyzing the food tracker information that you filled in, then you can click on the food tracker support package to enlist my help.

Here are some basics to review if you are currently suffering with frequent SVT episodes.

1. WATER…are you drinking 8-10 glasses per day?

2. SLEEP- are you sleeping 8 hours per night?

3. GREENS…how many greens are you eating each day?

4. GLUTEN…are you GF?

5. BOWEL MOVEMENTS…are you having a nice solid BM each morning?

6. SUGAR-….are you eating too much sugar? White sugar? coffee? soda? cakes? cookies?

7. REST…are you resting when you need to? a few little rest stops throughout the day will do wonders for our stress.

8. LITE MEALS…don’t overeat in one sitting…smaller meals are less likely to cause SVT.

9. VITIMANS….are you taking the following…Cal Mag citrate? B’s, D3, Probiotics, start with those…

10. JOURNALING…What does your heart want to say, do, change, be, feel? Are you ignoring your hearts desires???

If you are doing all of the above, (for real) and are suffering with frequent SVT’s then definitely download and fill out the food tracker, it’s another tool to try to help us,…and feel free to enlist my help if you want to….We can figure out why you are suffering and try to reduce the frequency of your SVT’s together!

Also, if you have downloaded the tracker and want to comment on it, if you liked it, if I forgot something, etc…then feel free to comment on this blog post so I can improve the document to better serve us all. I am open to editing it, please let me know what you think of it, if it helped you, etc.!

Love and healing, Laura xoxoxoxo