I know that many of you are feeling scared about the coronavirus so today, I want to share with you the tools that I am using to EMPOWER myself and my family in the face of COVID-19.

It is vital that we all do everything within our control to help ourselves prevent COVID-19 and support ourselves to the fullest if we do get it. As you know, I am a big fan of doing what is within your control to help yourself in general. In fact, my entire Heal SVT Naturally approach is built on this principal of EMPOWERMENT and that is exactly what today’s post is about, how to empower yourself in the face of COVID-19, especially when you have SVT.

  1. The very first thing that I am doing to help myself is elevate my diet even further. For me, that means that I have escalated my current gluten free diet to now be 100% DAIRY free and also SUGAR FREE. (see my SUGAR + SVT video HERE) Sugar ROBS your body of essential nutrients like magnesium just to digest it!  Elevating your diet and eating as clean as possible right now will help your body in several ways. First, it will take the burden off your digestive and lymphatic system so that they can do their jobs and therefore be able help your immune system. You don’t want to burden yourself with having to remove toxins etc, rather you want to be prepared and ready should you need your immune system to kick into high gear and fast! So now more than ever before, in the history of me writing this blog, I invite you to join me in going GLUTEN, DAIRY and SUGAR free. You want to be feeding yourself fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, super foods and eating as close to nature as possible. Please refer to the SVT Prevention DIET HERE for all the details on how I eat to prevent SVT.

2. I am being DILIGENT with my supplements and have added in some additional ones. See #3 article that I am linking for specific guidance.

3. I want to share with you an article that I LOVE called “Natural Therapies and Coronavirus – What You Should Know Now” written by the amazing Dr. Peter Bongiorno. This article is informative and practical minus all the fear, which is just how I like my information. I follow 90% of his advice including the supplements part and have stocked my cubbords accordingly. I also purchased the cool mist humidifier for my home and kids rooms. I hope you find it helpful too. read it CLICK HERE

4. I am going to sleep on time every night and not setting my alarm in the morning. Schools are closed so no need to wake us up from much needed rest!

5. I am paying close attention to my energy and doing things to elevate my energy to the highest frequency possible. I am journaling, meditating, clutter clearing, keeping my environment relaxing and clean, creating vision boards, and watching my thoughts very closely. When I become afraid,  I do things to nurture myself and hold space for myself and my fears. I gently shift my thinking with love and support. I am using candles, incense, and even healing crystals to comfort me. If you want to get my FREE Journaling with your INTUITION guide to help yourself connect back to your own intuition, CLICK HERE

6. I watch and read things other than about the pandemic. Its OK to watch a movie to get your mind off of things.I don’t feel guilty about not watching the news at night.

7. I am having lots of play time and creative time with myself and my kids.

8. I am trying new recipes like this vegan chocolate banana bread HERE. OMG YUM!

9. I am using this time to really re-assess my values. I am enjoying letting go of all the hustle and giving myself lots of room to just BE present in this new world. Try these Journaling Prompts to help you:

  • Now that the world is at a stand still, what really matters to you?
  • How are you spending your time?
  • When the world starts up again, what will you do different? 
  • What fears that need your love and healing has the Coronavirus brought up for you? 
  • What do I value? 
  • How do I want to spend my precious time? 

10. I am not drinking any alcohol right now. While I don’t normally drink that much, I have noticed lately that even the occasional glass of wine can leave me with a headache or making a food choice that I normally would not make. Plus, again I don’t want to give my liver any extra work to do.


OK I really hope that these tips help you! Please let me know how you are supporting yourself right now! Thank you for reading!



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