Heal SVT Naturally: What if there were a different path to healing your SVT and improving your whole health?

An integrative view to healing SVT is very different than the conventional path you may be accustom to. My goal is to enlarge the traditional medical perspective of SVTand bring a fuller understanding into light by utilizing a whole body, integrative approach.There is so much to learn about SVT from an integrative perspective; why you have it and what you can do about it.

An integrative approach has several characteristics that distinguish it from traditional medicine.

  1. It asks WHY an illness occurs.
  2. It looks for the underlying causes of the condition to restore health.
  3. It is individualized, and patient centered.
  4. It collects data such as your personal story and all of your co-symptoms to gain a more complete picture.
  5. It is Interactive. You are an active participant in your healing.
  6. It facilitates the body’s innate healing response and widens your potential for healing.
  7. It looks toward lifestyle factors to create sustainable healing andapplies these modifications as treatment options.
  8. It addresses gut health as part of the solution.
  9. Your commitment to diet and lifestyle changes will likely determine the outcome that these supplemental treatment options have on your health and frequency of SVT.
  10. It is logical, productive and believes that your entire health is interconnected.
  11. It looks at the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual reasons a person is experiencing SVT.
  12. It compliments other healing methods to optimize health.

I used an Integrative approach to Heal my SVT naturally. I have never been on medication or had ablation.

To learn how to deal with your SVT using an Integrative approach, get my guide HERE

xo Laura