anal fissureWhy am I writing a post about How to heal a “Fissure” naturally….Well, because I suffered with one for over a year….and I’m thinking maybe some other SVT’s sufferers have also dealt with hemorrhoids, constipation, and fissures….

A Fissure is a tear in the lining of the anal canal. It’s normal to tear this area, and many of us do every day, but usually the tear heals….A fissure is what happens when the tear won’t heal, and goes into a painful cycle of a spasm.  The spasm occurs initially to protect the wound, but actually it dis-allows blood flow to get to the fissure which is necessary for its healing, thus a fissure-cycle begins.  This cycle of spasm, pain and no healing continues every day….until an intervention happens of some sort. . If anyone has ever had a fissure, they know how painful and debilitating it can be.

I was SOOOO close to having surgery to “fix” this issue…and for those of you that know me by now, you know that I’m all about healing things naturally…so the fact that I was even considering surgery shows you how frustrated I was, and how much pain I was in….For example…..My fissure spasmed for nearly 7-9 hours per day. So from the time of my bowel movement around 8am, until 6 pm at night, I would severely suffer. Then just when things settled down, the next day it would start all over again….this lasted for roughly 14 months. I wasn’t able to go out, stand up, go food shopping…my whole life was on hold while I would sit in a bath tub, or lay on the floor stretching….just to experience 5 minutes of relief…Everyone (including me!) was sick of hearing about my pain and my fissure.

Here’s what I learned…..There is only ONE doctor doing a NEW fissure surgery…His name is Dr. Feingold and he is out of NY Presbyterian hospital. He does NOT do the old-fashioned barbaric surgery where they CUT the sphincter and loosen the spasm, which initiates the fissure to heal…That surgery leaves people with incontinence among other issues. Dr. Feingold INVENTED his own surgery. He does not cut anything, rather he cleans the fissure, and injects it with a steroid which “forces” the fissure to heal. IF I were to get any surgery, that is the ONLY one I was considering…..I would NEVER get the other one…under any circumstances…

Most Doctors recommend a nitroglycerin cream to apply to the sphincter to release the spasm. This is step one, prior to opting for surgery, (which is step two if the cream doesn’t work). Sometimes (seems like a lot of the times) this cream helps people and the spasm relaxes allowing the fissure to heal. The problem with this cream, is that after one day of using it, my blood pressure got so low I felt like I was going to faint, and I started having irregular heartbeats and some SVT’s. So the cream didn’t agree with me. (Of course the Dr’s office said the cream had nothing to do with my symptoms and “it’s even safe for pregnant women” to use!!??). So I was back to square one….the cream wasn’t my cure-all.

Ultimately, I couldn’t do the surgery. I intuitively KNEW that it wasn’t the right choice for me…but the universe intervened…just as I was about to sign up for the surgery, I found out that it wouldn’t be covered under my new health plan. I had just switched insurance policy’s and my new plan no longer covered a NY doctor as I live in NJ.  I would have had to pay for the surgery out-of-pocket!!! I considered this DIVINE intervention as it forced me to sit with my problem and find an alternative answer. (or rather led me back to what I already knew…there had to be another way)

I researched a healing plan with new eyes that night…. I had been working on my diet, my food allergens, healing my emotions that are linked with that area…and I was determined to heal my fissure naturally…..But the truth was, NOTHING was really working and I was in misery…So how did I finally get my fissure to heal????

Manuka Honey. I had manuka honey in the house because I had been reading about it and using it a little on minor cuts. (My mother in law used in on wounds that wouldn’t heal on her feet from her diabetes and it worked…). The night I got home from my last Dr. appointment, I had to either decide to spend $30,000 out-of-pocket that I didnt have, or figure out a way to heal….I researched things on-line and decided to give the manuka honey a real “go”.  I decided to insert the manuka honey into the fissure and see what happened….

So, for starters, I had NO PAIN at all during my bowel movement and my spasm was drastically reduced in length of time and level of pain. I was mildly uncomfortable compared to my usual misery. And this, after one use.

So here what to do…scoop out a nice size dab of honey and place in on the tip of your finger….gently insert the honey inside the rectum. Put it all around the inner and outer circle especially if you don’t know what side your fissure is on. Get as far up as you can go, at least an inch if possible. The fissure can extend from interior to exterior so its best to cover inside and out. Once the area is nicely coated, put on a panty liner so you don’t get the honey all over your undies…the honey is super thick and does kind of stain things…For the male sufferers, I guess you will have to use a liner too! Grab one from your wife’s stash or just buy some at the drug store….

Apply the honey 5-10 minutes before your normal bowel movement that way it gets nicely coated prior to the BM. You will notice your BM is smoother and not nearly as painful as usual. Then apply it again right after the BM….The coating prior to the BM protects it from being re-wounded during every BM, and the coating afterwards, also protects it and promotes healing, and interrupts the spasm cycle.

Then to really amp up the healing you also need to take baths every night. This will relax the area and also your whole body…You have to retrain yourself to RELAX…the opposite of a spasm. I once read that taking a bath every night for 6 weeks is equivalent to going on antidepressants.

Next…amp up your Blood flow….You need to get the blood flowing to that area, its stagnant, that’s why its not healing. Try to walk at least 30-45 minutes per day, preferably right after your bowel movement. This will deter the spasm from latching on.  The walking or jogging pace will naturally fight the spasm from happening, and it will promote good general blood flow to that area.

Then try to cut out the gluten from your diet…Its my save all, go to advice to heal your digestive issues, along with SVT.  Bottom line is your fissure is telling you that your digestive tract is inflamed. Something you are eating does not agree with you and its going to hurt until you figure out what is irritating you….food wise, and life-wise….So figure out your allergens, and start to avoid them for long-term healing….

Use your journal….Along with every physical issue, is an emotional one…A fissure is a wound that wont heal…so what emotional wounds need attention in your life? What old, long, painful issue (fissure) needs love, healing, slowing down, unwinding…in your life….Use your journal to help you figure it out…

Good Luck my friends, I healed my fissure without surgery and I know you can too!!!! Even if you ultimately decide that surgery is your route, I promise you that the manuka honey will ease your misery while you decide…