More and more my role as Your SVT coach is to help you elevate your health and heal your heart. Your food sources are an important part of this process. Today’s topic is sensitive. Please know that I am not here to be controversial, but to help you be informed, and propel you (and myself) ┬áinto action….whatever that means for you.

Maybe we can all try a little harder to eat humanely raised meat. Why is this important when you are trying to HEAL and prevent SVT? Because the food we eat gives us energy, it gives us life. As compassionate human beings, we don’t want to eat or support violence. As SVT sensitive beings we take on energy that impacts our heart.

When I eat meat, I have bad dreams. I starting noticing this a few years ago. When I eat meat I get constipated. When I eat meat, I feel more aggressive, Can you think of any associations that you feel when eating meat?

Everyone has their own unique diet needs. Some of us like meat, love meat, hate meat. Some of us need meat, or don’t need as much. No matter where you are at on the spectrum of meat consumption….Animals need our help.

You don’t have to become a vegan, but you can stop eating factory farmed meats. Not just for the sake of suffering, but for the environment, for the sake of your own health and well-being, and for the sake of your sensitive heart.

I am all about giving solutions…here are some of mine:

  1. Eat less meat
  2. Experiment with other protein sources like nuts, legumes, hemp, qunioa, nut butters, tofu etc.
  3. Make Monday, meatless Mondays
  4. When you do eat meat, buy it from a local store or farm that supports animals being humanely raised.
  5. Buy Organic
  6. Buy Grass-fed
  7. Buy Pasture-raised
  8. Buy Hormone-free
  9. Look for Certified Humane meat
  10. Ask your local restaurant if their meat and chicken is factory farmed? organic? from a local farmer? humanely raised? Just ask..a manager is best. Know what you are ordering.
  11. Vote with your dollar
  12. Eat more beans!
  13. Watch painful videos about factory farming…it hurts but you will become more educated.

Don’t watch the video, if you don’t want to get upset.

Do watch this if you want to get upset, and then allow your hurt or anger to propel you into better choices, supporting animals, and trying harder to find humanely raised meat. Viewer discretion is advised. #love