Food Allergies and SVT

Thank you to those who are posting comments. Its exciting and inspiring to hear from those of you who are also trying to heal SVT naturally or just looking for more information to support your journey with SVT. First off, I strongly believe that SVT and many other health issues can stem from undiagnosed food allergies. What we put into our sensitive bodies is of massive importance. Gluten, sugar, wheat, dairy, soy seem to be some of the culprits. I started this blog because there is literally no information out there or VERY little on the subject of other approaches to treating SVT besides ablation. I believe a great place to look at, NO MATTER what your current health issue, is at the food we are eating and if it’s hurting us or helping us. If I were a Doctor, the FIRST thing I would do upon any patients visit, is test for food sensitivities. I think that over the next 10 years this will become much more mainstream and acceptable as a first course treatment.

I think like all things that have a root cause, so does SVT.  Why are our hearts mis-firing to begin with? What is going on inside that some days there are electrical imbalances in our bodies?  (Electrical mis-fires). I think SVT is a symptom of something larger, deeper, more complex, not jus the isolated issue in and of itself to be treated (abalated). Even if you ablate the extra pathway, does your body never have an electrical imbalance and if so, what is the new way it will reveal itself?  What are the series of events that leads us to a state of depletion that can then lead to SVT? Why are we FINE some days and others days this occurs? Just like the Dr.’s are finally making correlations between food and type 2 diabetes, doesn’t it seem natural that food would affect every other system? I think its obvious that we can eat to support our conditions, whatever they are, with better food choices that are designed for our own unique systems (and maybe blood types). ((I try to eat for my blood type))

If the cardiologists agree that alcohol, caffeine and dehydration etc should be avoided as they can trigger SVT, then WHY wouldn’t it be true, that certain other foods and behaviors can also trigger it? If so, identifying our own specific triggers (and avoiding them) is valuable to limiting the number of SVT’s we face and possibly healing our condition in the long term.

A great place to start is to TRACK your diet. What you are eating? when? and how do you feel afterwards? track this from immediately, up to one full day after. I experience my reactions hours later and into the next morning and day. My last SVT in Feb was the morning after a chese, meat, and gluten. I woke up and felt “off” I drank a lot of water and couldn’t shake it, I also did not have a bowel movement. (This is also of great importance to avoid SVT). I had an SVT at 1pm that day. In hindsight, there things I felt prior to the SVT, something was wrong, hours before an actual SVT happened. Was there something I could have ingested that would have helped me support my system better that could have helped avoid an SVT?  I felt hot, puffy eyes, like I was depleated, dehydrated, etc.

Since that day, I naturally decided to completely eliminate gluten, meat, etc, from my diet, I simultaneously did my stool sample and 3 weeks later confirmed that I was sensitive to MANY things. I did stool and gene testing for Gluten, and stool testing for meat, eggs, pork, dairy, soy, nuts etc. I carry 2 genes that mean my gluten sensitivity can be severe. (although not celiac). Since eliminating my sensitive foods I have lost weight (15lbs…crazy!!!!), and reduced my symptoms drastically. I still feel some symptoms on some days and am still working to discover what my hidden triggers. There are many layers to this, not just food…BUT FOOD is a GREAT PLACE TO START.

Food is friend or foe. You are what you eat. I know its hard! Most of us are addicted to sugar, bread, pasta…but I promise you, take baby steps and its really not as hard as you think…and the rewards are grand. A little, very helpful tip that anyone can do starting today, is introduce quoina into your diet. Its GF and a lovely gentle protein rich grain that will become your new friend. It’s healthy for the whole family and Food allergy friendly. I mention this grain, b/c most of us start out on this journey craving pasta, starch etc, and this small replacement will tide you over until you really fix your diet.

Good luck! Lets support each other! I LOVE your posts! Keep them coming! more soon!