1 yearWith so many new comments coming into the site lately, I’m inspired to share the news with new followers and the ones that have been with me along the whole journey…I am more than pleased and proud to announce that I have not had an SVT in OVER one year.

I have made so many changes to my diet and I know that is one of the main reasons why. My commitment started last February after my last SVT and I excitedly have been wanting to share the good news. I hope that by doing so I will inspire you to figure out what your food allergens are so you can begin to avoid them so that your body can begin to heal and get strong and support itself instead of running on overdrive all the time. (translation: reduce and eliminate your SVT’s)

The cliff notes are that GLUTEN is most likely the enemy. So if you don’t have the financing, or means to do the stool sample, going GF is a good place to start. In fact, I believe so strongly that this is one of the main culprits that I can’t even spend time helping people be a detective unless they are first and foremost, GLUTEN FREE!

Gluten isnt the only solution, as there are MANY, but if my own experience is of any value, I am here to announce it to the world. I have been GF for over a year and I HAVE NOT had a SVT for over a year!!!  I also drink my green vibrance every day and do many other things to support myself, including:

  • release my anger
  • live a life I love
  • do work that I love
  • find joy in my life
  • increase the quality of my food
  • eat organic
  • drastically reduce dairy and only eat ORGANIC dairy if I must have it
  • Have nice daily bowel movements
  • take pre and pro biotics every day
  • laugh more
  • smile more
  • am grateful more
  • forgive more
  • slow down
  • rest when I want to
  • say no to people when I want to
  • say no to invitations that I dont want to go to
  • dont try to be anything that I am not
  • eat very little sugar and none throughout the day, only a little and only when I feel I can handle it
  • make myself delicious healthy cookies that I must have and have ingredients that are amazing yet give me the sweet soft taste I desperately crave, yet are made with such good ingredients that they can hardly be considered a cookie (translation: figure out what you need and crave and create a recipe for yourself that supports you emotionally and physically) Make the effort to give yourself what you need.
  • cook for myself most of the time instead of eating out
  • sleep great. Bed by 10 or 11, up at 730
  • ask myself what I need all the time
  • Journal
  • listen to myself
  • follow my stool sample results and avoid my food allergens to the best of my ability 97% of the time.
  • Stay 100% Gluten free, all the time, no exceptions EVER
  • I make exceptions with dairy and sugar SOMETIMES
  • Try to life my divine purpose
  • Accept where life leads me.
  • Eat healthy snacks (not just think about eating healthy snacks, but actually eating them… instead of the garbage ones that most of us rely on) I eat: millet toast with almond butter, humus, apples, smoothies, homemade healthy cookies, occasional kind bars, etc.
  • Talk to your SVT or illness and ask what it is here to teach you

So, if you are new to this journey, and the possibility that you can heal your SVT naturally….Start with figuring out your food allergens… your body and eventual panic free mind will thank you.

p.s. Did I mention I dont have panic attacks anymore and can freely go anywhere I want, anytime I want, without being afraid to go alone, be alone, what if?? what if?? what if??? NO MORE!!!!!