Hi Friends…Some of you submit questions off-line for me to answer….I ask permission to post the Q and A that went back and forth between myself and the reader as I feel that many could most likely benefit from someone else’s Q and A.  I will be posting some of the email exchanges…below is one of recent…
Q and A
SVT reader:  A month ago tomorrow I went into the ER and my heart was beating really fast is what I told them. I did not have any other symptoms except the voice in my head of how can we get this to slow down. So they gave me a dose of adesoine and it slowed it down. the medicine really didnt bother me, but I have read that it does others. So they did my bloodwork and it came back that everything was ok except my potassium, that was a 3. Also later that evening I began my period. I followed up with a cardiologist and a heart rhythm doctor who told me that it was SVT and that it could happen again or never happen ever again, but that my potassium being low and the beginning of my period could have triggered it. So since this I have cut out sugar/chocolate, caffeine, and really began watching what i put in my body. Also I have began eating bananas. I was wanting your opinion on my situation , but also what you can do naturally when you are getting ready to start your period to help prevent this horrible feeling from ever happening again.

question markLaura reply:

1. How old are you?

2. Was that your first SVT?

3. What did you eat that day and evening before?

SVT reader:
i am 25
yes that was my first
i had not drank any water that day and i had eaten fried chicken and ice cream and blackberry pie for the first time ever in my life
Laura reply: well my dear, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my answer could not be more simple as your case is super easy….you broke all the cardinal rules…so definitely review my entire blog, all my posts as the ways to drastically reduce your SVT’s are to eliminate GLUTEN, drink tons of water, drastically reduce sugar….as well as several other things….Since your case is so obvious there’s no need for me to go any further than GLUTEN, WATER, SUGAR…

Further, when you are ovulating and menstruating you are especially likely to get an SVT so you need to watch your water intake and sugar like a hawk during those times…staying off Gluten for a few days around your period wont cut it. You need to be off Gluten entirely to get the full benefit. If you’re new to the gluten-free world, its time to explore it….Its not as hard to be gluten-free as you think…but it does take time and attention…which your health is well worth!

So, my best advice, is to start with the basics….if you continue to have SVT’s after you are gluten-free for a year, drinking your green vibrance as per my blog, drinking water, journaling your anger, etc…then feel free to reconnect with me for a deeper understanding of what else you can do. You can also comment anytime on the blog and I will respond via a comment! I will also post this Q and A so that it may benefit other readers…

On a final note…I want to say that while there are many things to do while you are having an SVT, the point of my blog is to help you avoid an SVT. The way to avoid an SVT is to take amazing care of yourself! There are no shortcuts!!!! Your electrical misfires are stemming from an array of things, from simple hormone changes to more complicated things like feeding the tissue salts, constitution, emotional weight, food allergies, constipation, leeky gut, dehydration etc. SVT is your body’s susceptible area so when you are not nourishing yourself that is where your depletion shows up…

Im happy to answer personal questions for the benefit of all SVT sufferers out there so feel free to comment and await my reply or email me with the understanding that I will be posting our Q and A without your identity.