What is your body saying to you prior to an SVT? Are you pushing yourself too hard? Eating gluten or sugar or caffeine or a general unhealthy diet? Did you sleep enough? Sometimes before an SVT we have clues…and if we listen and tune into them we might be able to avert an SVT.  So what can you do if you know you are depleting yourself and you really need to try to replenish without a week off to rest? Here are some things you can do to re-balance and get your self-care in motion…and fast!

  • Drink your greens! However you can get them, either a fresh pressed green veggie juice or a glass of green vibrance
  • Drink a ton of water, never enough…
  • Take probiotics…this helps every aspect of digestion and bowel movements
  • Lay down for 10 minutes…REST!!!!
  • Spray or dab yourself with essentials oils, lavender, or anything from the company “Young Living”. This will immediately sooth you. Try “Peace and Calming from Young Living (especially if you can’t sleep)
  • Slow Down….whatever that means, take a few deep breaths, and just slow down, literally move at a slower pace while you are doing a daily chore like emptying the dishwasher etc.
  • Clean your bedroom. You will sleep better.
  • Sleep in a cool place, crack a window and get fresh air throughout the night
  • Take Vitiman D3. 5000 per day
  • Eat quinoa,beans, veggies, and lay off the meat, dairy, and sugar.
  • For a sweet treat try honey in your smoothie, a cup of herbal tea with honey, or honey and apples, honey on a piece of GF bread is a fast easy snack
  • Take a bath!
  • Eat a banana
  • Drink cal, mag citrate in your water, 1 glass per day
  • Add a shot of liquid essential minerals to  a glass of water
  • Mix pink Himalayan sea salt with iodized sea salt and use that blend on all your food. Make sure you eat a little extra salt!
  • Release something you are angry about. Actually punch a pillow, smack a wall with a towel, cry, yell, write, just get it off your chest…literally…and then LET it GO!!!
  • Affirm, “My heart beats to the rhythm of LOVE!”

Remember PREVENTION, is the key…not just to avoiding an SVT, but to maintaining our precious health no matter what condition we are sensitive to.

Love and Healing, Laura

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