I love a healthy sweet treat, and this fast, easy,  naturally gluten free, SVT-friendly recipe hits the spot!

Cut up some organic strawberries, add a dollop of your favorite nut butter and sprinkle on some chia seeds and honey. In less than 3 minutes you will be eating a sweet, rich, delightful treat that will satisfy your sweet craving and leave you feeling like you did something healthy for your body!

FEB19 145Remember to keep a food diary so that you can TRACK your SVT’s to find your unique clues.

Your body is talking to you about the food you eat! Try using my FREE food tracker download to track your clues so that you can  “listen”. If you have not downloaded the tracker yet, you can find it at the sidebar, or sign up for my emails and you will receive my SVT jumpstart Kit with my Top Ten Tips to heal svt naturally, my SVT & Gluten free guide, and the food tracker download.

Treat your Body kindly today! xoxo Love & Health, Laura