healsvtlogoI receive comments all the time from readers and those comments appear all over the site under different pages and posts. I try to respond to everyone’s comments even if it takes me a while!  I prefer when people “comment” as opposed to email me personally because YOUR story and my reply will help hundreds of other people and therefore our time spent communicating addresses and help many of us instead of just one. In this post below, I share an amazing inspirational success story that I recently received as a comment. I didn’t want anyone to miss out on it as sometimes it can be overwhelming to read every comment all over the site! It reminds me that our healing is a journey and not a destination and that my hypothesis regarding food allergies and SVT is more than relevant!!!  Thank you for sharing your stories, I love to hear from you all. xoxo Laura “I wanted to give an update.  A little history; I am 32, a mother of a 7 yr old, workaholic, foodie. Out of no where I started having SVT attacks that started at 5 minutes and lasted longer and longer each time with my longest being around 3 hours.  I had one, a month later had another two weeks later another, a week later another then 2-3 a week.  Within 4 months I was having them left and right, scared out of my mind to leave the house in case I had another until I found this blog.  I read about the health aspect and the gluten, caffeine, sugar, rest etc and decided to give it a try.  (keep in mind I saw the best cardiologist in Atlanta and didn’t want to get the surgery or take the horrible meds and when I mentioned this approach to the Dr. he thought I lost my mind.)  I immediately tested my allergies on enterolab.com, cut out gluten, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.  Two weeks passed and no SVT although I still felt like I was going to have one any second.  Then I accidentally ate gluten in a curry seasoning and the next day had an svt.  I noted in my food journal everything I ate and was fine after that until I had leftovers a week later of the curry veggies and had another svt the next day.  I soon realized wheat flour was the second ingredient in the curry.  From that point on I became VERY knowledgeable about hidden gluten and made my family gluten free as well to make things easier when shopping and cooking.   I was feeling good, no svt, but still had flutters every now and again for the next month which would freak me out!!  Within another month I added a morning green smoothie into my diet, eliminated my food allergies discovered from enterolab, started taking probiotics and overall allowed less stress into my life and slowed by “go go go” mentality.  If I am running 10 errands and am tired after 5 I stop now when before I would do all 10 then come home and not sit down until 1am doing more things around the house. I am happy to say that I am almost 5 months SVT free!  AND I feel GREAT!!  It takes a good 12 months to get gluten out of your system and I believe that as I feel better each month that goes by, and now I can even cheat a teeny bit with a little sugar or caffeine, but never gluten.  I am even turning into quite the gluten, sugar and allergy free baker and have made some wonderful cookies, breads and muffins and lost 15 lbs which puts me at my weight when I was 18!  I have been to several dr.s in the past 5 months with each one saying there is no way I am controlling SVT this way, but I 100% know that I am.  I now go to a holistic Dr. that has recently added to my regiment and like I said I have never felt better.  I sleep better, I am happier, I let go of old anger, slowed down, don’t let things get to me, don’t allow myself to hold grudges, eat right, take yoga and pilates, still indulge in my homemade sweets, so I don’t feel cheated AND AND AND am not afraid to leave my house!!!!  The fear has subsided!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! YOU have changed my life and if it wasn’t for this blog and these ideas I would be under the knife right now getting this horrible ablation that is not a cure, but a band-aid covering up the real problem.  Anyone that is having this problem should truly dedicate 3 months of their life to trying these things before considering drastic measures.”