Valgo is a device that Dr. Johann Grundlingh and Dr. Ali Refson invented to help people with SVT. Right now they are in the process of raising charity funding to fund Phase 2 of Valgo’s clinical testing and development. We can help this process by filling out a simple and short survey for them.

This device has the potential to help people with SVT convert and break an SVT episode quickly and in their own home without medical attention. It will be an option to help avoid trips to the ER and shots of adenosine which can be excruciating uncomfortable. The Valgo device can empower people with SVT with a new found sense of calm, and freedom.

Below is a simple and confidential survey that they created specific for our SVT community. It will help them gather important data that will help them create a powerful presentation to the charity’s that they hope to raise funding from.

I ask that you take a few minutes of your time to fill out the survey below. Doing so, will help this cause and support bringing this life changing device to the SVT community. Thank you for your time! xo

Take the survey HERE