If you suffer from SVT, then you know how seemingly random, scary, and anxiety provoking they can be.  You probably also know by now, that traditional cardiology doesn’t yet recognize, support or agree on the value of changing your diet, elevating self-care, layering in mindfulness, adding in supplements, or addressing energetic contributors like those of emotional disturbances, heart wounds and stress.

If you don’t feel like your Dr. is hearing you, giving you enough options or telling you what you want to hear, then…..

YOU HAVE MORE OPTIONS than you may realize.

You are in control of your health and your destiny.  I help empower people with SVT with tools and new ways of thinking to support your own unique integrative healing journey.

What is an SVT coaching?  SVT Coaching is a 3 month coaching journey held via skype or zoom video with me and you from anywhere in the world.

I will help you find the ROOT causes of your SVT so that we can drastically reduce your SVT episodes and related symptoms. I also will support you in elevating your self-car, overcome blocks, and address the imbalances that are contributing to your stress and SVT.

During our coaching sessions, we discuss diet, supplements, digestive health, stool amples, food cravings, eating routines, SVT triggers, self-care habits, stress, relationships, emotions, and anything else that is connected to your SVT. I help you create a plan based on your individual case. My suggestions will be realistic, and obtainable!

Some of the results that people achieve from working with me are:

  • reducing the frequency of your SVT’s
  • eliminating SVT
  • learning new ways to nurture yourself
  • aligning more fully with your life purpose
  • letting go of old or toxic thoughts that no longer work for you
  • Reducing anxiety, and SVT induced fears
  • Identifying SVT Triggers
  • Feeling empowered and inspired to take back control of your health and life
  • Feeling free, in control, and less afraid


My support is one of a kind! As a Board Certified Coach and fellow SVT sufferer, my support is truly unique. I have reduced my own SVT from weekly and monthly episodes to less than one every 4 years and counting. The last and only time I had an SVT was when I did not/ could not follow my own SVT rules.

I have been helping people with SVT for 6+ years and coaching professionally for over 4. I am one of the the founders of the Wellness Group in Fanwood New Jersey where I work as a professional life and business coach. I am currently enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the largest and most renowned Nutrition School in the world,  to formerly become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach to formalize my years of studying health and food as a hobby and add a credential to my passion for helping people heal and elevate their health.

I am experienced at helping people address the parts of their lives that cause them pain, keep them blocked, or need to be healed and released. My support is a combination of personal experience, professional coaching, intuition, and self-care support.

I will help you create an SVT action plan so that you can feel more confident and in control of this debilitating condition. BUT that’s not all…Healing your SVT, opens you up to a whole world of possibility. When you feel better, you can follow your heart’s true calling. You can redesign your life in a way that suits the real you.  I can help you find your new path. The path that is your true heart’s desire, the path that you are meant to serve, and the path that will bring you the things you dream about, like health, happiness, abundance, financial freedom, love, family, travel…whatever you wish for!

Some of the topics that also come up in coaching sessions may surprise you. Things like…

  1. Are you living your Life purpose?
  2. Are you in touch with your heart’s true desires and are you living a life you love?
  3. Do you have a long unresolved stress that you don’t know how to “fix”, clear, or heal?
  4. Are you financially free?
  5. Do you have unhealed anger?
  6. Do you know what your sacred wounds are and how to make peace with them?
  7. Do you have a give back plan, do you experience the joys of giving?
  8. Do you experience joy and laughter on a daily basis?

I LOVE to talk about these topics and am skilled at supporting you to find your healing. You can create a life that feels peaceful, healthy and safe.

I have created this SVT coaching option to take you through the layers of healing that are associated with SVT and what worked for me, while taking all of your unique layers into consideration. My coaching option is for people who feel that in addition to their medical professional they would like to work with a personal coach to obtain the unique, individualized attention they need.

Prior to our first meeting I will have you track your SVT’s in a way you may have never done before. I will have you fill out SVT food & lifestyle tracker which will give us immediate clues that we will need to uncover your triggers. I will analyze this info prior to the call and be prepared to give suggestions and recommendations that you can do immediately to start feeling better.

My coaching is held via Skype and can be done from anywhere in the world.  To learn more about this, or test it out so to speak, I offer FREE 20 minute meet and greet consults, as a way for us to meet, talk, and get a sense of what coaching with me would be like. Please be sure to review my WORK WITH ME page to make sure private coaching is within your budget prior to setting up your FREE consult.

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Additional areas that I can support  you with are:

  • Eating in a way that supports your cravings and emotional needs, yet eliminates SVT common triggers
  • Getting started on a gluten-free diet
  • Adding realistic Self-care routines into your daily life
  • Personalized journaling exercises for you to do to continue your healing that I write just for you
  • Connecting and aligning with your life purpose which helps feeds your heart the positive healing energy it needs to thrive
  • Setting gentle boundaries with people that drain or deplete you
  • Increasing your income to help you feel safe, supported and stress free
  • Creating a profitable business around your life purpose

You will know if this is the right option for you, by listening to your intuition. If you feel called to do so, please feel free to set up a call with me today! I would LOVE to help and support you. 

xo Laura