Dear Friends,

I am writing to report that I am diligently working on the next e-guide, The SVT  Prevention Diet that will include important topics such as the Food-SVT-gut connection, testing for food allergies, calming the vagus nerve, and restoring digestive balance to name a few. 

As always it is my goal and intention to provide my best work in order to create a resource that will stand the test of time and make the most impact on our SVT community.  It will be ready for release the middle of this Spring 2018.

I must practice what I preach and continue to make self-care a priority in my life and set realistic goals for myself even though it means a delay in reaching this next milestone.

I am as excited as you are to finish!

This e-guide is nearing 110+ pages and will be tremendous resource for years to come. I did not set out initially to write such a large resource, but it is where I have been led, and I know that it will be well worth the wait!

If you preordered The SVT Prevention Diet, you will be the first to receive it the day it is published, and will be offered a special thank you gift for your patience. (Details to follow.)

The Guide will remain on the pre-order sale price of $9.99 and after it is published, the price will be $14.99.

In the meantime, stay tuned to my Facebook Page, Instagram, and SVT Newsletter. I am always here for you!

Wishing you peace and healing,

Love, Laura,

Your SVT Coach

If you would like, you can Pre-order the SVT Prevention Diet e-guide HERE

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Love Laura

Your SVT Health Coach