rulesWell…2013 is definitely the year to heal some people who are really suffering out there…I have been hearing from many of you who are contacting me personally and let me just say that I feel for all of your suffering. Let me also say that its time for me to go over the basics….If you are not following the basic rules, then I cannot even begin to help you. This is the only path to freedom that I believe in so far and I cannot help you if you are eating pizza. So HELP YOURSELF and follow these RULES.

  • NO caffeine. No coffee, no green tea, no sugar drinks, no soda, no red bull. no caffeine period.
  • WATER. Drink lots and lots of lovely pure water. 8 glasses per day.
  • One glass needs to have a scoop of green vibrance in it. Yes Green vibrance is expensive. But when you cost it out to one scoop per day it’s not that expensive. and more importantly YOU NEED IT. who cares if its expensive. buy it instead of something else and drink the green water every day.
  • NO WHEAT, NO GLUTEN. none. zip, zero. no pizza, no bagels, no white flour, no cookies, no cracked up, jacked up garbage food. NO GLUTEN NO EXPECTIONS. you are allergic to it. It’s making you exhausted, and sick and your heart can’t clear it out of your system. There are lots of GF products out there and I will list some soon on the blog that I like.
  • No white sugar. None. Use honey, and while you are slowly dealing with your addiction to white sugar you are allowed very small doses of maybe some agave, pure maple sugar, and the like
  • No artificial sweeteners, none. Your body can’t digest them. They are toxic
  • GREENS. lots of greens. saute them in garlic, throw them in your smoothie, eat them in a salad, steam them. eat them everyday, brocoli, kale, spinach, etc
  • EAT cherries. Buy them frozen and put them in your smoothie.
  • Eat RED foods. RED FOODS good for your RED heart. Beets, cherries, cranberries, you get the drift.
  • No boxed “dead” foods. Eat fresh, live long
  • No alcohol, it creates heat, you cant clear your heat, heat leads to SVT. (commit to it for 9 months. Most moms have to do it for 9 months, you can too!!!)
  • DEAL with your anger…What are you soooo angry about? Write it out, journal about it…let it out!!! Go back to all the things you are angry about from when you were a kid and WORK IT OUT…let it out, let it go…express it, feel it, heal it!!!!

I can go on and on, but honestly the above list is a huge place to start. If you are eating gluten and caffeine I cannot answer basic questions for you. Commit to your health, and when you are ready and following my above guidelines, then I will be GLAD to help you further clean up your life….and PLEASE POST your comments and questions…any and all of them…I LIVE TO answer them. I want to help you! I want you to heal!!!! Your comments HELP others…and I will REPLY to all your comments and questions personally in a REPLY that everyone can see and benefit from.

I will be sending all of those that suffer from SVT and panic attacks a massive healing prayer tonight.