Water is a precious resource for those of us who have SVT. I use water to support myself every day, all day. Here’s how:

  1.  I start my day with a glass of water and a scoop of green vibrance.
  2.  I then fill up my 32 oz container of water (which I try to drink 2 of per day).
  3. If I feel “off” I have an electrolyte packet in a glass of water.
  4. I drink a scoop of gentle absorbable calcium-magnesium in a glass of water.  (see picture)
  5. I drink a shot of superionic fulvic acid with ocean ionic minerals, aloe vera & ocean algae mixed with water.
  6. Before bed I take my probiotics with a small glass of water and 2 oz of aloe vera juice.
  7. take a tablespoon of fermented cod liver oil before bed.
  8. Use water in other ways….take baths, swim, meditate by the water if you are lucky enough to live by an ocean, lake, coast, stream, etc.
  9. Squeeze a little lemon into your water for a new taste and to keep your ph balanced.
  10. Try to keep all the water you drink at room temperature. (Cold water and other beverages can tax the spleen which lead to other issues). If you really feel the need for cold water, drink it…I do sometimes, especially when I feel “off” cold water does the trick…but make sure all the other times of day that the water is room temp.

It’s super important for those of us with sensitivity to SVT to stay hydrated and cool. You can use  water, fish oil, and greens to help achieve this. Every day is a new day to re-hydrate. If you drink alcohol at all, remember 2 extra glasses of water and Vit B on top of every glass of alcohol you had. Alcohol robs you of hydration and vitamins. (alcohol is not your friend…sorry!!!) Try to save your glass of wine for extra special occasions. Replace wine or other drinks with relaxing caffeine free teas. I like nettle, camomile, fennel (good for digestion) and add a little raw local honey if you like it sweet.  For women….try not to drink around your menstrual cycle. You are already super prone to SVT’s during this time and no need to further deplete yourself.

I hope you get some ideas on more ways to incorporate water into your daily regime…and as soon as you finish reading this, why not go drink some water right now!!!