What is in my smoothie lately?august 28th 13 167

  1. A  ripe banana
  2. Frozen blueberries
  3. frozen strawberries
  4. frozen kale or baby spinach
  5. rice milk
  6. a scoop of Thorne mediclear
  7. a scoop of green vibrance
  8. a scoop of ground flax
  9. sometimes a squirt of omega swirl

I always buy, wash, and freeze my own berries. I never buy the frozen berry packages…Too many stories on the news lately about contaminated berries…

If you want a nice thick smoothie use less rice milk. I was in the mood for a thick one…here’s how mine turned out….

august 28th 13 168 Smoothies are a nice way to start the day because you are eating something to get your metabolism going….You are putting fresh healthy fuel into your body without worrying about if you are eating a food allergy. If you are not that hungry in the morning…at least you ate something…and usually after a smoothie is when I decide what I want for breakfast…

Once you have the general ingredients in your house for a smoothie, they last for a while, so even though some things are expensive, they really do last a long time.

A quick word on using organic produce…I follow the EWG, dirty dozen list and try to buy those things organically…the rest, use your judgement, and of course, buying local is also a great choice!

The ingredients also ensure a nice bowel movement…as you are getting lots of fiber.

Yum! Enjoy! august 28th 13 169

What’s in your smoothie?