The Heal SVT Naturally THE BASICS:

A New Way to Empower Yourself through Your Journey of Healing

Is completed and ready to share with you!

It’s been a long road and today I can exhale with a great sense of accomplishment.

After four years of coaching private clients, I wanted to create some affordable and instructive tools for SVT sufferers to easily apply and incorporate into their lives.

While private coaching can be a powerful and transformative experience, not everyone is able to make the financial investment. I discovered that e-guides can be an effective and efficient way to convey a lot of information and direction to many people. This gave me a new mission to write and share all that I had learned and experienced about healing SVT naturally.

It was evident from Facebook discussions, blog feedback and client interactions that there was a lot of interest in natural healing options, and dietary guidance in particular within the SVT community. And from my own healing journey, I knew what challenges and topics other people would also need if they were to be truly successful in controlling their SVT episodes and improving their health overall. All of this laid the groundwork for the e-guide series that I began to write in May 2017.

So I hired a coach and an editor and got down to work! As you may know, I released an initial first guide in August, but realized that there was much more to add and explain, so I continued to deepen and refine it.

It has now taken nearly eight months to complete the first in a series of six e-guides:  The Heal SVT Naturally ApproachA New Way to Empower Yourself Through Your Journey of healing.

This guide is now 72 pages of empowering concepts, action steps and inspiration to guide you through all the areas to examine for real and lasting SVT relief.

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Are you ready for a WHOLE NEW WAY to Navigate your Supraventricular Tachycardia?

Open Your Mind, Become Self-Empowered and Discover New ways to Manage Your SVT.


Whether you were recently diagnosed with SVT, or have suffered with it for years, you likely feel discouraged and concerned about your ability to manage your condition and wish that there were more treatment options available for you. If you are interested in a new approach to SVT that could not only free you from episodes but also the worry, fear and restrictions that come along with SVT, then you are in the right place!

Welcome, I am glad that you found me and this e-guide!

This e-guide, is the first in a series of six guides that I have written with the intention to EMPOWER you. I want to give you the knowledge and the tools you need to take back control of your health and your destiny!

This is my foundational e-guide.  It is meant to be read before all the other guides. It will give you new ways to view SVT, it will introduce you to The Heal SVT Naturally Approach, and the logic behind it. It will also present three of the central concepts: The Heal SVT Naturally Healing Spectrum, The Core Four Healing Layers, and Long-Term Prevention as my program to Heal SVT Naturally. At the end of the guide, I share additional resources and next best steps to support you going forward.

My journey with SVT has led me through traditional cardiology as well as alternative approaches. After years of trusting my instincts to try natural ways to feel better and implementing integrative tools to improve different aspects of my health, I have found lasting relief from SVT and related symptoms. I have transformed my health, life, and my career as a result of that healing and now share my methods with thousands of other people with SVT around the world. This guide is an expression of my experience and knowledge to date and my effort to help you quickly learn what took me years to figure out.

SVT can be an extremely scary diagnosis. You deserve to know all the ways of understanding and managing your diagnosis so that you can make educated decisions about your health and future.

I will help you navigate those decisions by introducing you to new ways to understand your SVT that your doctors may not have explained to you or suggested since they are likely trained in traditional western medicine. While I remain grateful to traditional cardiology for their diagnosis and technology, my concepts take what we know about SVT and adds a deeper understanding of the root causes that exacerbate SVT as well as acknowledging the role of prevention as the path to freedom. You will become an active participant in your own health, thereby expanding the treatment options that are available to you.

This guide will introduce you to an integrative approach to healing SVT and elevating your entire health. It includes the missing treatment options in the current way of viewing and treating SVT by addressing your diet, lifestyle and the underlying causes of the condition.

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