It’s hard to take responsibility for your health and even harder to take responsibility for your sickness.

It was hard for me, and I know that it is hard for many others.

I have worked with people with SVT for aprox 7 years now. I have also worked with people who have not had SVT and have other issues such as physical and emotional abuse, anxiety, depression, rape, molestation, death, debt, retirement, boundary issues, career changes, marriage and relationship issues, starting and growing a business and many other life issues.

I can tell within minutes, maybe seconds if I am a good energetic match with a person, client, email or comment that I receive from someone.

I am a good energetic match with someone who

  • is ready and willing to take responsibility for their life, for their sickness, for their health, for their dreams and for their happiness.
  • is riddled with pain but still willing to do the work to heal
  • Is reluctant, but knows that moving through the “work of being well” is the only true path to healing
  • doesn’t have a clue how to heal but wants to.
  • is willing to be honest, open up about their pain, and do healing exercises to move through it, release and invite healing in.
  • Is willing to look at their diet and self-care as a healing tools
  • is ready to learn how to take responsibility for their life and health in small ways, one step at a time.

It’s what I am good at, occasionally even gifted at.

As an SVT Empowerment Coach, I like to help people look at all the aspects of healing.  I outline them in my Heal SVT Naturally “the basics” e-guide, called The Heal SVT Naturally Approach, A New Way to Empower Yourself Through Your Journey of Healing. Since there are physical (nutritional), emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of-illness, its necessary to investigate all of them to see which ones are out of balance and contributing to your health issue.  People who are open to this concept and “ready”, stand a really good chance of healing SVT and any other “issue” naturally.

Shifting from VICTIM to EMPOWERED is one of my roles, maybe even my purpose, and something that brings me great joy. 

YET, it is also something that challenges me because “Victim Mentality” can be and feel extremely “toxic” especially when YOU have done the work, sat on the couch, cried the tears and moved through the process of healing. The “Work of being Well” is no joke and I applaud anyone who is willing to even try. It’s hard work and can take years to make the shift.

We choose our circumstances to learn and grow.  The sooner we see that, the sooner we can become empowered to change.

Someone who is a “victim”, and unwilling to take responsibility for their life, health issue, circumstance, anger, food, or role in the creation of their circumstances always presents a challange. Why? because ususally a victim, who isnt ready, will fight tooth and nail to be “right” and stay in victim mode. Being a Victim is serving them. Assuming responsibility means that you have to look at yourself in the mirror and it can be hard and scary. But it is also rewarding, cleansing, and healing

This is a difficult, yet important topic to discuss because while it is a sensitive subject, it is helpful for several reasons. Understanding the qualities of being a “victim” will help you to:

  1. Recognize these characteristics within yourself
  2. Save you time and potential wasted energy of “barking up the wrong tree” when it comes to whom you choose to share your pearls of wisdom with
  3. Help you learn the value of your energy
  4. Help to empower you
  5. Help you to be more sensitive and able to wish a victim “well” without engaging them
  6. Take responsibility for your own health, sickness and life

It took many years to learn how to tell the difference between people who are “ready” vs. people who are not.  When I was younger, I didn’t know the difference and poured countless hours of my precious energy into people who weren’t “ready”.  In fact, many people suffer from this mis-direction of energy. You might give hours and hours of your life to people who were not “ready”and doing so can be energetically, emotionally and physically draining to YOU ( which can set YOU up for an SVT).

Giving your energy to those who are not “ready” can be a habit, pattern even an addiction. Sometimes we do this as a way of avoiding working on ourselves, or taking responsibility for our own lives. So, if you catch yourself doing this, it is a clue that you need to reel it in and focus on yourself.

We call people toxic, we call people energy drains, we talk about setting boundaries. What all that really means is that learning who and what to give your energy to and who and what not to give your energy to is essential as part of your own self-care maintenence plan. The trick is to do it all with love and grace. And it’s a delicate balancing act, and you may not be perfect at it. But that OK! It’s all a journey and there’s only progress not perfection.

The serenity prayer helps a lot with this…

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things the I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

When we engage with someone who is not ready, we can get angry, impatient, mad, combative, tired, say toxic things, get stuck in conversations that we don’t want to be in, etc. AND, when you have SVT, engaging with people with toxic people is a serious energetic RISK. See, thats one of the ways that your SVT is helping you, to help you learn how to set boundaries for yourself and to learn more about who and want are energy drains so that we can ultimately protect ourselves from them!  I simply CANNOT engage with people who are not ready because it puts my heart at risk. SVT is acting as a barometer, telling you when you are not yet aware enough on your own.

So how do you take responsibility for your health, for your sickness, and your life?

It starts with shifting your thoughts, and mindset.

In The Heal SVT Naturally Approach I start the whole guide by discussing your mindset.

 “Our mindset is one of the most important tools that you have to help you heal. New perspectives, open new possibilities for healing. With new perspective, you can also feel equipped to do what is within your control to help yourself.”

Taking responsibility is about doing what is within your control! YESSS!!! 

I give you several ways to go about shifting your mindset, one is to ask yourself:

Why is this happening FOR me not TO me?

The second way to take responsibility is to be honest with yourself. The TRUTH is the point of power to move you from victimhood to empowerment. There is a brief and subtle moment when you can make a choice. If you are not ready to do this, you can just ”try the idea on”. Here are some journaling exercises to help you to try on the idea of taking responsibility…

  1. If I WERE responsible for my health situation, what are some of the things that I THINK I am doing or have done to contribute?
  2. If I WERE responsible for this circumstance, what are some of my thoughts or behaviors that have MAY have led me here?
  3. If I were responsible for creating everything that I am experiencing right now, what might my soul want to learn from this situation? Why might I have chosen this route?
  4. Why did I choose this difficulty or life lesson?

 If you can take responsibility for your circumstances, IT GIVES YOU THE POWER TO CHANGE IT.

Another way to take responsibility is to give yourself the support you need to not be scared of CHANGE. You actually CAN CHANGE, you can change your life, your health, your wealth, your relationships, your love life, your body. You can CHANGE ANYTHING. It starts by deciding, by dreaming, and by thinking about it, and then lining up your daily actions to match it and be in sync with it. It’s called the LAW of ATTRACTION and it’s a spiritual law that the Universe is governed by.

People change within their lifetime ALL the time.

In my own lifetime, I have shifted from debt to wealth, I have shifted from sickness to health, from not having a home, to having a home, from having poor abusive relationships to having nurturing relationships, from being overweight to loosing excess weight, from treating myself with a lack of respect to loving myself and more.. It ALL can be done. ANYTHING you want you can have.

That is why I always say that SVT is a blessing in disguise. It is HELPING you to recognize what is working and not working in your life. In this precious gift of life that you only have ONE of. You have ONE chance to get it right, to live a life you LOVE, to its fullest, to experience life, love, laughter, sadness, heartbreak, service, giving, receiving, travel, family, all of it. They are all jus experiences that are helping your SOUL to love and evolve and learn compassion.

So how do you really take responsibility for your HEALTH? By developing COMPASSION for yourself. By having compassion for the sad experiences that brought you here, and then by helping yourself through them. The ultimate gift that you can give yourself is to learn how to be the person that you need. Meet your OWN needs. Stop waiting or wishing for someone to meet your needs, it’s your job and the longer you avoid it or resent it, the longer you will stay stuck and sick.


Help yourself.

Help yourself, by loving yourself more, by caring about yourself and what you’ve been through, by giving yourself what you need, by learning about what you need, by making room in your life for what you need, by putting yourself first, by making commitments that you stick to, by engaging the help of God or the Universe,

Taking responsibility is what moves you OUT OF SICKNESS and into Health.

TOOLS to use to help you take responsibility are:

  1. A Journal. Write it all out, every day….
  2. A Vision Board. This is a must have tool to start manifesting. Its where you put your dreams down on paper to begin to give them life. And the Universe notices!

Did you know that the Universe rewards you? It rewards people who are taking steps, and doing the work. Vision Boards tell the Universe how you want to be rewarded. They help you get clear and the Universe needs clarity or it doesn’t know what to give you.

These free tools help you clear the muck away and then get clear on what you want.

I hope that this post helps you feel inspired to TAKE Responsibility for your health and sickness and life.

And guess what? The second you do that, you stop being toxic. And guess what else? The second you stop being toxic, people WANT TO HELP YOU MORE and you wind up getting exactly what you really want in the first place. And the minute you take responsibility, new energy lines up to meet you and open doors, and send you gifts.

And p.s. No body likes or wants to be around toxic people.

SO, if you are toxic, it’s OK, we love you, but it’s time to stop,

If you are dealing with toxic people, it’s time to stop, just tell them you love them, but you are busy. NEVER TELL A TOXIC person they are toxic. WHY????? BECAUSE they are NOT READY to hear it. So, tell them you are busy doing yoga, or cooking a vegan dinner, or meditating, and slowly they will want or need to do those things in order to be with you.

And if you are working hard to change and take responsibility then keep it up, make your vision board and get clear on what you want because the Universe is working on it for you and with you.

The Universe is on your side, and its cheering for you, and so am I.


Love Laura

Your SVT Coach and Your LIFE COACH

Get your copy of The Heal SVT Naturally Approach:A New Way To Empower Yourself Through Your Journey of Healing, its really the starting place is you have SVT to learn how to do what is within your control.

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