Heal SVT Naturally Facebook GROUP Ambassadors

Introducing Heal SVT Naturally Administrators/Ambassadors.

I need your help to LEAD this group!  To direct it, to help define the energy of it, to help manage it and to allow it to be the supportive, healing environment that we all desire!

Heal SVT Naturally Ambassadors are people who are passionate about healing SVT naturally. They are people who want to play a role in supporting the Heal SVT naturally private Facebook group, keep it aligned with its integrity, and assist in the role of helping it to stay focused and to flourish.

The Benefits of becoming an Ambassador are:

  • Exclusive Monthly Ambassador Coaching Calls. One of the main benefits of devoting your time to the future of this group will be not only the experience, and joy you receive from giving and helping others, but you will also get private coaching and support from me! Exclusive Ambassador coaching calls will be 60-90 minute group coaching and support calls where we will spend some time discussing the admin aspects of managing the group, its direction, new ideas, where you need support etc., and then the rest of the call will be devoted to your growth and healing. I will coach and support all the ambassadors to discuss your own personal SVT questions and other general coaching as needed. This will be an exclusive, private, free coaching call and a wonderful way to connect with me and a few select others in an intimate setting. This call will be recorded in case you miss it. It be held via a video conferencing platform called zoom. This is ideal for someone who is interested in leading and also has been wanting to work with me privately.


  • Free access to all of my healing e-guides such as Self-care for SVT, Listen to your Heart, SVT Prevention Diet and SVT the Basics.


  • A discount on private coaching of 25% off initial and all sessions for those that are interested in private sessions and the food and lifestyle tracker analysis.


  • Learning even more about the Heal SVT philosophy, the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic piece. Becoming trained in this philosophy and really learning how to apply it to your own life in an even deeper way. This will help you gain knowledge; healing and experience which will continue to help improve your own health and help you feel even more empowered to share and help others.

The Role and Responsibilities of Ambassadors will be:

  1. To become Administrators of the Heal SVT naturally Facebook group. (You will be given admin access.)
  2. To approve new members
  3. To help discuss and define the boundaries, energy and direction of the group and implement our vision.
  4. To enjoy answering comments and playing an active role.
  5. To welcome new members on a more individualized, personal basis. To ask them how they found the group and give them links to all the materials they need. Direct them immediately to the Heal SVT site to make sure they are the right fit for the group, have signed up for the newsletter and are interested in the Heal SVT naturally philosophies. To help answer any immediate questions they may have.
  6. To share a weekly pre-written post (by me) about the Heal SVT naturally Mission and what to expect in the group. (The Mission, Rules, Boundaries, and Discussion Direction ((separate document that will all be attached in the group for access to all))
  7. To help assert our guidelines and boundaries if necessary and keep the energy of the group aligned with our mission.
  8. To prompt discussion that we direct. Perhaps weekly themes or thread focus where we answer specific questions. Then, as new similar questions we can direct people to the existing thread. This will help to not duplicate so much information and allow thread to become more valuable and focused.
  9. Optional: To occasionally help create documents for referral that will become a part of our database, such as magnesium lists, Valsalva maneuver lists, etc. that people can access and be directed to as needed.
  10. To gently encourage discussion to stay on track if/when it is going off course.
  11. To report any comments that begin to become toxic, extremely off track and gently remind people the purpose/ mission of our group.
  12. To join the monthly Group Ambassador calls and discuss how to make the group stronger, more supportive, and ideas of information to share.
  13. OPTIONAL: To participate in occasional article writing for the Heal SVT naturally website if interested in doing so.
  14. To generally assist in another other responsibilities that arise as we all work together as a team to grow our group, and help others learn about the Heal SVT naturally philosophy.

People who would be a good fit are:

  1. People who like to comment and interact with others
  2. People who are passionate about healing SVT naturally and are already on the path to do so.
  3. People who want to learn even more about how to Heal SVT naturally and want more coaching, more tools, more support and have free access to me monthly and all the latest SVT materials.
  4. People who have made changes to their diet and see positive benefits, such as gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, junk food free, or the like, and want to share with others.
  5. Anyone with a success story.
  6. People who are knowledgeable in a specific area such as vitamins, magnesium, acupuncture, reiki, nutrition, stool samples, inflammation, etc.
  7. People who are on the path to becoming a Coach, or other type of healing practitioner.
  8. People who want to make an impact, share healing, and want to step into more of a leadership role.
  9. People who just want to contribute, help others and learn as they go.

To apply for this Role:

  1. Please email Lmadrigano@aol.com subject line: SVT Admin
  2. Post a comment below any of this or any Ambassador threads and let us know that you are interested!
  3. Join us for a free monthly zoom video conference call to learn more. Dates to be announced
  4. You will be emailed a short application with your info and a few brief questions.

Thank you so much for your interest. I look forward to growing and evolving the group together!


More Heal SVT Naturally RESOURCES for You:

I hope this info was helpful for you! Let me know

Love Laura

Your SVT Health Coach