Here are some journaling questions to write about to help you further explore the video topic of “Connecting with your higher purpose to make healthy choices!
  1. Journaling heart (2)What inspires me? 
  2. Do I support a cause? 
  3. How can I let my passion and inspiration for something bigger than myself, positively impact my food choices? 
  4. Do I feel connected to a life purpose? or several life purposes? 
  5. What do I think my life purpose or divine path is? 
  6. What are my skills and talents that I share with others? 
  7. Am I using these to help people and create abundance in my life? 
  8. What is the “work” that I feel called and inspired to do? 
  9. Can I slowly shift my life to service, one that feeds my own soul while also serving a higher cause? 
  10. Does this inspire me to take the best care of myself possible because I understand how needed I am on the earth at this exact time? 
  1. When I serve others, my Health improves 
  2. It feels great to put nourishing foods in my body 
  3. I eat slowly and only eat foods that serve my health and higher purpose
  4. I let go of foods that slow me down, weigh me down and that I am allergic to

xox Love + Healing,