My Daily Smoothie is a STAPLE in my SVT Prevention Diet.

Smoothies were one of first additions that I added in to my daily routine when I began my journey of SVT healing. They have helped me to rebuild my health overall and keep me SVT FREE longterm.

Smoothies are filling, loaded with nutrition, are a good protein source and are an approved SVT prevention breakfast option.

They are an opportunity to fill your body up with nutrition + vitamins first thing in the morning and start the day off right!

SVT Prevention and management is not just about what you ELIMINATE from your diet, but  also about what you put into your body! To prevent SVT, you need to maximize your daily intake of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Smoothies are the perfect daily opportunity to fuel your precious body and cells with the vitamins and nutrition that you so desperately need to replenish your depleted body! (Plus, they are delicious!) Remember, SVT is a condition of depletion! To reverse that depletion you want to use DIET as a TOOL and learning how to make smoothies is a fast and easy option to have under your belt!  

You want to focus not just on what you take away, but what you ADD in! 

I mix up what I put in my #morningsmoothie but it’s usually a mixture of the following (serves 2):

  • 2 room temperature (not frozen) bananas as a base. I like them RIPE.
  • 1 cup of frozen organic blueberries,
  • 1/2 cup pitted dark frozen cherries
  • GREENS: 2 cups of baby spinach (buy the bag of pre-washed and freeze the whole bag and then just pull out a hand-full as needed.
  • Green Powder like Green Vibrance, and/or SPIRULINA (excellent to help stabilize blood sugar).
  • Protein: 6 almonds, almond butter, walnuts or scoop hemp seeds
  • Additions: omega 3 oil, occasionally this Pea Based Protein Powder Thorne Mediclear 
  •  1 date or 1 tablespoon local HONEY.
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1/2 cup almond milk

I have been having a morning smoothie for about seven years now and I swear by it as part of my SVT Prevention daily routine. When I have a morning smoothie I start my day off feeling great, I crave LESS sugar throughout the day, feel energized and know that I just filled my body and blood with nutrients first thing in the morning. It sets you up for a day of healthy eating.Smoothies are an excellent option especially if you are struggling with sugar cravings. This is a fantastic replacement!

Creating SVT prevention breakfast option rotations is a good strategy to help you stay away from the carb dense sugar cereal, bagel options that fuel SVT. Good protein based smoothies, eggs, and cashew yogurts are good options. It’s all about what you ADD to them. As I explain in The SVT Prevention Diet, I always like to think about the FAT, FIBER, PROTEIN, combo.

What do you like to put in your smoothie? 

If you need help altering it, making it more nutrient dense or figuring out more protein chocies then comment below! Feel free to ask me a question or tell me your ingredients and I will comment on how to upgrade them.

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