How to Heal SVT Naturally?

HEALING anything is a process. When it comes to Healing SVT naturally, there is not ONE single way to go about it, but rather a multi-layer approach. I CHOSE an INTEGRATIVE approach to heal my naturally and that is what I share with you…

There are SEVERAL, and they can all be done in combination to get the best outcome. Here are some of the main ways to begin to treat the imbalances that are likely creating symptoms for you.


  • The first place to look…is at your diet. You are what you eat. If you are eating processed manufactured food that is not really even food, then seriously start considering what you are fueling your body with. Anything in a box or a bag isn’t really food. Think WHOLE REAL FOODS. Foods that you cook in your kitchen. Foods that are fresh, grown and organic.
  • Take steps to heal emotional eating. Since #1 is clearly easier said then done,  you may need support if you are suffering with food addictions, emotional eating or ongoing anxiety. Making smart food choices isn’t always possible to maintain when you have unhealed eating issues, uncontrollable cravings, and when your food is deeply intertwined with your emotions, self expression, need to escape, and the like. If you are really struggling with knowing that you should be eating better vs. doing it, then try to find ways to address the underlying issues. You can seek support, feel free to set up a call with me to discuss whats going on. Emotional eating can be an obstacle from healing your SVT naturally, but remember Blocks lead to breakthroughs... so the sooner you tell yourself (and someone else) the truth, the sooner you can start changing your life and your health! I know this all too well as I used to live on chocolate chip cookies, bagels, pizza and Doritos. If you are thinking YUM, then we need to talk!
  • Increase your fruits and vegetables. Mainly vegetables. They need to be organic just like everything you eat to reduce the toxic burden on your lymphatic system. Think 2/3 of your plate being vege’s at EVERY meal. Take it a step further and add in lots of green vege’s daily, add chlorophyll liquid to your water, add spirulina to your drinks and smoothies and baked goods and green vibrance to the same.
  • Do not eat anything white. No white flour, sugar, or anything that contains anything white. If its white then its stripped of its whole grain coating and all the beneficial fiber and antioxidants that are in those outer layers… leaving a starchy, dead, pointless food that spikes your blood sugar, and leads to hormonal imbalances. Yikes!
  • Increase whole grains that are naturally gluten free. Brown Rice, Quinoa are my top choices.
  • Try not to eat boxed or frozen gluten free foods. When buying frozen foods try to do your best to look for the following labels: non-gmo, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, organic, gluten free. Ingredients should always start with a whole food like a vegetable or a whole grain like brown rice.
  • When going gluten free, just try to replace gluten with naturally gluten free items. Don’t try to substitute your regular muffin for a gluten free muffin. Gluten free ingredients in baked and boxed goods aren’t necessarily healthier for you. Try to just aim for replacing a morning bagel or English muffin with a while different meal choice like plain yogurt with rolled oats and chia seeds, or eggs with avacado. See my morning breakfast ideas article HERE.
  • Eat lean protein, salmon, beans and decrease red meat, cold cuts, hot dogs, bacon, etc. Avoid nitrates.
  • Get rid of sugar. The problem is that while it tastes (arguably) good in your mouth,  it is doing the EXACT opposite to your insides. It is actually robbing you of vital minerals and nutrients just to digest it. It is making you sick, fat, and feeding cancer cells in your body. Learning how to use natural sugars like raw honey, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar and brown rice syrup are much better choices as you slowly swap out the plain old white stuff. You are allowed to have sweetness in your diet and your life. Learn to bake things you love with your own unique ingredients, enjoy dark chocolate and experiment with the amazing recipes that are out there today. p.s. if you are dying for sweets, those are real messages that your body is trying to send you that hold deep and valuable information. Start trying to decipher your sugar cravings…If you need support or help with this, feel free to set up a call with me!
  • When you crave sugar, ask yourself…am I just tired? Can I take a rest? Will a tall glass of water help? If I take a few deep breathes and do some stretching will that feel good? What a bout a cup of peppermint tea? Did you eat 3 fruits yet for the day? Think 3 fruits first before any other type of sugar. Do those things first. Think about taking rest breaks, not pushing yourself so hard and ask yourself what small changes in your routine will help you feel more nourished in general.

Feed your SOUL:

  • SVT is happening in your HEART. Its always good to associate dis-ease with the energetic area of the body that it is occurring in. Your heart is your life force and center. Spend some time with your heart. Ask yourself questions that relate to your joy, peace, fulfillment, anger, and love. Are you angry? At what? Are you feeling stuck or are you blaming others? Do you take responsibility for yourself, your finances, your health? Are you angry at your parents, partner, kids? Are you carrying around burdens? Can you lighten your load? What can you leave behind in 2016? What emotions may be contributing to your SVT? Start journaling….”I feel…..”
  • What brings you JOY? Do you enjoy your life, your time, your day? Do you have your life set up exactly how you want it? What feels like it is in your way? What is something you love to do each day? Do you have a special routine you look forward to every day? How about creating a morning routine, and an evening routine that you LOVE!
  • Are you in need of a change? Does someone or something have to go? Is it finally time to go after your dream and follow your heart? What is waiting for you in 2017? Claim what is yours!
  • Are you afraid? Living in fear? Living in debt or disarray? These things effect your health and heart and they are not you operating on the highest frequency possible. Journal…connect with your intuition. You are safe and you can do it.
  • Increase your SELF-CARE. Elevating your self-care is the number one way to heal and change. Not sure how or where to begin? Get my e-guide SELF-CARE for SVT HERE.  This is a practical guide that I wrote with love to greatly help you elevate your self-care.

You have ONE life to live. Are you really taking the very best care of yourself that you can? What is calling you? What is your intuition telling you? Ask yourself before every meal if those are the ingredients that you want to put into every cel of your beautiful body. Healing SVT naturally is about combining lots of small steps that all add up to a healthier you. I know you can do it! You are worth it. The world needs you to be in the best health possible so that you can do your important work here on earth! I hope this inspires you! In an upcoming article I will discuss more ways to help you heal such as supplements, pesticides, body burden and more….

xo Laura

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