Marble Decorative Counter Top Adhesive

I have a small kitchen and one day I hope to redo it. My Kitchen is an old fashion Dolly Madison Kitchen, the original one that came with the house is 1960. It was dark brown. I sprayed the cabinets white which made a huge difference, and recently I saw someone on Instagram use this adhesive to cover their counter tops. I disliked the granite the former homeowner chose. It was also brown and very busy and I couldn’t see if it was clean or if there were crumbs. So, I ordered this white marble counter adhesive and I LOVE it. It literally changed my kitchen at a fraction of what it would have cost me to redo my counter tops. As I said one day I will redo it, but for now, 2 rolls of this changed my kitchen and brightened up in every way!

Its sooo important to love your kitchen space because eating to prevent SVT means cooking a lot of your own meals. Why not make your kitchen as beautiful as possible! So, if you hate your countertops or are renting and don’t want to invest money etc. This adhesive may be a good option to tide you over.

See my Blog post for pictures of my kitchen before and after!


  • ROSEROSA(ECK-USA) interior film/sheets are well-being products aimed to assure our customer that it is safe to use our product in our daily lives.
  • We do not use plasticizers and DOP, which are suspected environment hormone inducing materials.
  • This product is an material that has a decorative surface on one side and a highly adhesive material on the other side.
  • The paper sticks to the desired surface with minimal effort. its traditional use was as a shelf or drawer liner, it can be used in many creative ways.
  • The adhesive strength and quality of this product meet the technical standards of Korean public institutions.
  • Flame resistant products that have been approved by the Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation and it deters the spread of fire during a fire and while suppressing the generation of toxic gases.
  • Please clean the adhesive side before the product adhesion. If the adhesive surface is not smooth, the wallpaper primer should be applied first.
  • Made in South Korea ,
  • Size : 2.00 Feet X 6.56 Feet, Thickness 0.20mm , Material : PVC (By receiving the Eco-Labels, ROSEROSA products have no detection of harmful heavy metals over standard value.)
  • Feature : High Glossy Finished, Water Proof, Eco-friendly products , Table and Door Reform
  • Application : Table & Furniture Reform, Countertop, Wall Decoration, Backsplash , Laptop, Cell Phones, any other smooth surface
  • Package : 1 Roll , Coverage per Roll : 13.12 square feet


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