On occasion, I like to post a reader Q & A, when I feel like the information will benefit many…Here are my answers to a reader email below:

Reader Q: ……”Though l thought l had decreased my lifestyle pressures, l
realize now that I still carry a load. I am also going to take on every tip you
sent.  (My Response: I believe that stress is a major contributor to SVT. It can be anything from a long unresolved issue that slowly eats away at you, or  an immediate stress response, like being afraid a toddler is going to get hurt and having to jump to catch them. Stress can definitely bring on an SVT, so feeling rested, healthy, balanced, and grounded are crucial cornerstones to work on to help prevent chronic SVT’s.)

Reader Q: l have suspected (and you have confirmed my suspicions) that
bowel movements and SVT are connected (Me: YES THEY ARE!!! You can gain GREAT insight into your health by your bowel movements. An ideal BM is a daily morning movement that is easy to pass, comes with a sense of relief, and is for the most part, one solid long-ish piece. If you have loose stools, diarrhea, constipation, stickiness, or anything in between, your stools are telling you that you likely have some kind of a food allergy, that you are not absorbing your nutrients and minerals in an ideal capacity, and that there is room for improvement in your diet. Also note that if you are in SVT, having a bowel movement (if possible)  is a great way to break it. One final point is that you mentioned that you had suspected that your SVT’s and Bowel movements were related, so honor your  intuition, as you were/are right! Your body is trying to talk to you all the time, and trust the messages you are receiving! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and its instinctual wisdom! It knows what is best for you, better than anyone else!!!)

Reader Q: I have GERD, and of late, l have gained
significant weight, and developed hemorrhoids (on the inside), (ME: Hemorrhoids result from many different things. In my case my hemorrhoids developed from constipation. I would look at cheese, dairy, and gluten consumption for the likely causes of constipation and eventual hemorrhoids. I also suffered from a Fissure, which was also a result of constipation, too many days in between movements, not enough walking, swimming, or exercise, and reduced blood flow to that area. (as well as some emotional issues). Weight gain, and gerd also seem to be consistent with increased SVT’s. Try to eat smaller more frequent meals and tell yourself, that you CAN have what you want, just slowly, without overeating at one sitting. Add apples and fresh green juice into your diet.)

jarrowReader Q: I do take a probiotic (vitamin shoppe brand) but it’s not one that needs refrigeration. what can l do for a healthy gut? Do you have a specific probiotic recommendation? And any other recommendations you may have are most welcome.  Again thank you for what you are doing! Everything you have in your ten points seem extremely accurate and helpful, especially to me. (ME: Your probiotic MUST be refrigerated. I use Jarrow brand, but there are many, many goods ones out there! The benefits of probiotics are literally life changing and the very first thing everyone can do to improve their overall primahealth in my opinion is add a probiotic to their daily regime. (and increase your water intake). My 7 year old takes Primadophilus Children’s Formula and my baby from birth until now (one year) takes infant formula from Klaire Labs. A word on probiotics for babies… I have never been afraid to giveklaire my baby probiotics and believe that it helped them both sleep better, avoid colic, avoid constipation, and build their immune systems. Remember, your immune system is based in your gut  so you want to keep it loaded with healthy good bacteria.)

I hope these answers were helpful! Keep your questions coming! I love answering them and your questions help all of our readers, so never be afraid to ask. Your name will remain anonymous!

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