photo (3)Today I spent some incredible time talking with several of our SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) private Facebook group members.

I like to center myself before I begin any coaching or group discussion and do so by using self-care cards. I find that this year more than ever I have been receiving powerful messages. As lessons in life are universal, today’s card for the group was from my angel deck and it was titled, SOLAR PLEXUS. The message was “It is safe for you to be powerful, and take charge of your life in powerful ways”.

To help us understand this message, here is a quick definition of the Solar Plexus. The body has 7 energy centers called Chakras. The Solar Plexus is the third Chakra, and is located in your stomach area between your navel and sternum. It is also known as you power chakra. This is the energy center that propels you forward, allowing you to free yourself from dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Each Chakra, governs organs and the solar plexus governs your metabolism, digestive issues, ulcers, liver, spleen, hemorrhoids, pancreas, diabetes, hiatal hernia, hypo and hyper glycemia, and more. Depletion, unresolved or unexpressed emotions related to childhood, low self-esteem and control issues can be rooted here.

I believe the way this message relates to our SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) community is regarding taking charge of your life in the area of food and diet in loving ways. It’s about encouraging us to let go of any old ways of abusing food or using it to help ease control issues. It is time to let go of people who control us or our own controlling tendencies. By stepping into your power, you let go of fear, and trust what is unseen.

Food, what we consume, the way that we consume it, the state of our gut, being inflamed, all relate back to our overall state of health. Ask yourself, What abusive or unhealthy eating habits do I have that no longer serve me? What are you ready to take charge of? Remember that power is not aggression. The message here is to make changes with love! xox